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The History of Ice Cream

The first frozen dessert is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture of snow (which he sent his slaves into the mountains to retrieve) and nectar, fruit pulp and honey. Another theory is Marco Polo, 13th century bard and adventurer, brought with him to Europe from the Far East recipes for water ices....said to be used in Asia for thousands of years.

In 1700 Governor Bladen of Maryland served ice cream to his guests.

The first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776.

Dolly Madison created a sensation when she served ice cream as a dessert in the White House at the second inaugural ball in 1812.

Italo Marchiony sold his homemade ice cream from a pushcart on Wall Street. He reduced his overhead caused by customers breaking or wandering off with his serving glasses by baking edible waffle cups with sloping sides and a flat bottom. He patented his idea in 1903.

Others link the ice cream cone's invention to the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. An ice cream vendor there reportedly didn't have enough dishes to keep up with demand, so he teamed up with a waffle vendor who rolled his product into "cornucopias."

Invention of the ice cream soda is usually attributed to Robert M. Green, who operated a soda water concession in Philadelphia. Green, who sold a mix of carbonated water, cream, and syrup, apparently ran out of cream and substituted ice cream, hoping his customers wouldn't notice. But they did and daily sales receipts climbed from $6 to $600.

During the stuffy Victorian period, drinking soda water was considered improper, so some towns banned its sale on Sundays. An enterprising druggist in Evanston, IN, reportedly concocted a legal Sunday alternative containing ice cream and syrup, but no soda. To show respect for the Sabbath, he later changed the spelling to "sundae."

In 1843, New England housewife Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice cream churn. She patented her invention but lacked the resources to make and market the churn herself. Mrs. Johnson sold the patent for $200 to a Philadelphia kitchen wholesaler who, by 1847, made enough freezers to satisfy the high demand. From 1847 to 1877, more than 70 improvements to ice cream churns were patented.

The first commercial ice cream plant was established in Baltimore in 1851 by Jacob Fussell.

In 1983, Cookies 'N Cream, made with real Oreo cookies, became an instant hit, climbing to number five on the list of best-selling ice cream flavors. It also holds the distinction of being the fastest growing new flavor in the history of the ice cream industry.

In 1991, another flavor phenomenon was created -- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, which combines the best part of the Chocolate Chip cookie -- the raw dough -- with creamy vanilla ice cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Top 10 Ice Cream Consuming Countries in the World

1) United States

2) New Zealand

3) Denmark

4) Austrailia

5) Belgium / Luxembourg

6) Sweden

7) Canada

8) Norway

9) Ireland

10) Switzerland

Supermarket Sales Divided by Flavor Category

1. Vanilla - 28 percent

2. Fruit flavors - 15 percent

3. Nut flavors - 13.5 percent

4. Candy mix-in flavors - 12.5 percent

5. Chocolate - 8 percent

6. Cake and cookie flavors - 7.5 percent

7. Neapolitan - 7 percent

8. Other - 5.5 percent

9. Coffee/mocha - 3 percent

Source: International Ice Cream Association, 1994


(Flavor, percent preferring)

1. Vanilla, 29%

2. Chocolate, 8.9%

3. Butter pecan, 5.3%

4. Strawberry, 5.3%

5. Neapolitan, 4.2%

6. Chocolate chip, 3.9%

7. French vanilla, 3.8%

8. Cookies and cream, 3.6%

9. Vanilla fudge ripple, 2.6%

10. Praline pecan, 1.7%

11. Cherry, 1.6%

12. Chocolate almond, 1.6%

13. Coffee, 1.6%

14. Rocky road, 1.5%

15. Chocolate marshmallow, 1.3%

All others, 23.7%

Source: International Ice Cream Association, 888 16th St., Washington, D.C., 20006.

Ice Cream Consumption

Each American consumes a yearly average of 23.2 quarts of ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, ices and other commercially produced frozen dairy products.

The Northern Central states have the highest per capita consumption of ice cream at 41.7 quarts. The top three cities in America that purchase the most ice cream on a per capita basis are: Portland, Oregon; St. Louis, Missouri; and Seattle, Washington.

More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week.

Ice cream consumption is highest during July and August. July is National Ice Cream Month.

Children ages two through 12, and adults age 45 plus, eat the most ice cream per person.

The average number of licks to polish off a single scoop ice cream cone is approximately 50.

98 percent of all households purchase ice cream.

Ice Cream Label Terms

Low-fat: 3 grams of fat per serving or less

Light: 50 percent less fat than a brand's regular ice cream

Ice milk: Can mean low-fat, light or both

Nonfat: Less than .5 gram of fat per serving

No sugar added: Neither ice cream nor add-ins can be sweetened with extra sugar; can use artificial sweeteners.

Lactose free: Breaks down sugar molecules to ease digestion. Not reduced-calorie or low-fat.

The top five states that produce the most ice cream.

(1) California

(2) Indiana,

(3) Ohio

(4) Illinois

(5) Michigan.

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where do ypou live? i'll make some suggestions

your country clkub has a deicious ice cream pie

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(10-10-2010, 11:45 PM)icecream Wrote: your country clkub has a deicious ice cream pie

its only 6 dollars!

good luck!

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Giant Food store for Ice Cream...Half Price Books for DVDs
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