First Saturday VS. Five First Saturdays
Well my original post isn't here! Maybe there is a holdup because it was my first post.

In any case, I have an answer to myself  :)

The first Saturday may or may not have been in existence according to this but it is indeed in reparation, not just devotion. The Blessed Mother, it appears, did request it observed, at Fatima or following, so it's difficult to discern whether it already existed or not since Fatima was 1917. If it started earlier, how much earlier did it start and for what reason...that is, of what initiative? This first Saturday devotion requested Communion and a rosary in reparation.

Then in addition she asked for the five first saturdays with Confession added as well as 15 minutes meditating on the 15 mysteries added, as well as these being 5 first saturdays in a row.  This was requested after Fatima, in another revelation. And Jesus checked in on her again, to ask why she hadn't spread the devotion in yet another revelation. So I do believe the source of the five first is Fatima, to be distinguished from the first Saturday devotion.

Whew! Thanks for bearing with my scrupulosity on this subject. It's just that it's the second time I saw this discrepancy, the first was at wikipedia and I was so confused! I thought the first Saturday devotion was a mixup, but I see we can do that, too.

Thank you for your time.


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