Vatican & SSPX: New Revelations
See this extraordinary article:

Let's definitely join in doing what he mentions at the end.  :pray: :pray2:
In my mind's eye, without selling out, the SSPX needs to take jurisdiction. They will be a stronger voice from within. They would become the instrument that HH Pope Benedict 16 uses to bring the "wild bunch" to heel.Bishop Fellay is calm, cool, future thinking, and doesn't take his eye off the prize. He is General Patton without all of the theatrics.  :pray: :pray2:
Excellent article thanks!
" At the Angelus conference, Bishop Fellay also drew our attention to a related indication found in the wording of the Vatican decree nullifying the decree of SSPX excommunication. The final paragraphs of this decree reads:

On the basis of the powers expressly granted to me by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, by virtue of the present Decree I remit the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae incurred by Bishops Bernard Fellay, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson and Alfonso de Galarreta, and declared by this Congregation on July 1988. At the same time I declare that, as of today's date, the Decree issued at that time no longer has juridical effect."

And yet, if you tell that to someone on Catholic Answers or the like, you're likely to have an outright denial, which absolutely blows my mind.

I yearn for the day where these talks turn into a recognition that will lift the scales from these people's eyes.
After re-reading this, I realize that Fr. Malachi Martin had hit the nail on it's head. Divide and conquer, what a brood of vipers.
Like I said in the other thread dealing with this, I am happy that the Holy Father is trying to do what he is trying to do, however I think like many of us here that he should let the chips fall where they may and let those that would be schismatic separate them selves from the Church and their demonic modernism die.
Great read! Thanks.
I was especially struck by this quote:

Quote:Only God knows, but the circumstances of its final curtain are clear – when the Pope again can freely rule the Church and cease being a “prisoner of the bishops.”

I think this statement drills right into the root of what is wrong with the Church today.  Yesterday, there was some discussion on another thread about why Pope Benedict hasn't taken more dramatic action in a traditionalist direction.  This article appears to convincingly answer that question.
So for all the people who said the Society 's confessions are invalid , put that in your pipe and smoke it!!  ;)
(10-21-2010, 07:56 PM)Justin Wrote: So for all the people who said the Society 's confessions are invalid , put that in your pipe and smoke it!!   ;)

Hey, you're a triumphalist!  ;)

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