Beautiful churches
Some beautiful churches.

(11-12-2010, 01:53 AM)SeaOfGlass Wrote: The most "Beautiful Church" is the one where you worship and where you meet God -
So true SeaOfGlass.  These are some images of our Peterborough, Ontario Diocese Church, the Cathedral of St. Peter-In-Chains where I was baptized.  Some what humble compared to the other ones but still beautiful. 

[Image: 401px-St._Peter-In-Chains_Catholic_Cathedral.jpg]

[Image: christ-the-king.jpg]

Christ the King on the east lawn.

Here's a image of the interior of he church from Flickr that I couldn't post.  It used to have a beautiful high alter with kneeling rails back when I served as alter boy here.

[Image: 7c217dba-8004-4871-ae53-4f63d8080215.JPG]

Historical plaque in front of church.

I go out of town about 10 miles to a very small but just as beautiful church for the Latin Mass once a month.      
canada has some beutiful churches!!
(11-15-2010, 01:07 AM)icecream Wrote: canada has some beutiful churches!!

We sure do! Here is the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel in Miramichi, New Brunswick:

[Image: 250px-St._Michael%27s_Basilica%2C_Miramichi.png]
St. Anthony of Padua, New Bedford, Massachusetts

[Image: sanb2.jpg]

[Image: VisionMainAltar1.jpg]

[Image: VCFourteenthStation1.jpg]

[Image: EighthtoTenthStations,SG3.jpg]

[Image: NincheriOLGrace1.jpg]


[Image: StJosephAltar1.jpg]

[Image: Angelsdetail3.jpg]

[Image: SAVision3.jpg]
I have an Internet friend who is trying to join the Franciscans that often go to that parish.

Lovely church.
Yes how wonderful to attend a church like that.....
Would be a pleasure to sing "Kubaya" in that building!
I do  not think Kumbya is being sung there....

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate help with things and provide the music for the TLM.  As far as I know, Fr. Roger Landry is orthodox. I know he began to offer at least a monthly TLM right after the Summorum Pontificum was released.

I had the privilege of just being there while I went east on retreat.

I attended the Holy Hour the Sisters sponsored.  And the Holy Mass where they renewed their vows on the 12th anniversary of their institute being elevated to Pontifical Rite. 

The Sisters  live at the convent attached to St. Anthony's.  There are presently 6 of them with 3 postulants, I believe, there.

I was also very much privileged to make a retreat at Mt. St. Francis in upper state New York. There the TLM and NO are about half and half.  But all is done properly and the new aspirants learn to serve at both forms and do it very well.  I had a little hermitage and just loved my time there.

Now their chapel is not one to post as being one of the most beautiful churches, but the liturgy sure is.

In New Bedford, the FI chapel seems to be in a state of flux with a new Father Guardian just coming in.
Ladies and Gentlemen, what about St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC!!!

or St. Mary's and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, NY    http://michaelfurgangphotography.blogspo...ption.html
St. Josaphat Basilica, Milwaukee, WI.  Third basilica in the USofA.

The high altar and painting behind it.
[Image: St._Josaphat_Basilica_1.jpg]

Processed image of the Basilica.  It IS that lovely, though.
[Image: 1011041653441basilica2.jpg]

More realistic view of the Basilica.
[Image: 432097292_a01e294769.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 80963291755356149.jpg]
St. Stanislaus Church, ICKSP Oratory, Milwaukee, WI

Altar and nifty stained glass windows (representative of the stained glass in the church)
[Image: Mkee-10thAnniversary2010-232.JPG]

ICKSP members
[Image: Thanksgiving09-Mkee.jpg]

Exterior of our lovely church
[Image: Milwaukee-StStanislaus-Nov2007-013.jpg]

Interior of church, facing sanctuary
[Image: Sanctuary%202.jpg]

Interior of church, facing choir loft
[Image: 4lg.jpg]

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