"Condom"- Madonna Still Being Defended by Freedom Party
The provocative exposition will be defended now as before by the Austrian Freedom Party.

St. Pölten (kath.net) In connection with the "art exhibit" in the National House of Lower Austria, the FPO National Council, Walter Rosenkranz is making a statement to the State Attorney General of St. Polten.  An Australian "artist" has put an oversized condom on a Marian statue and has covered it also with mock semen, which has till recently been on display at the Capital.

:puke: :puke: :puke:

I wish I didnt look...effing disgusting. Jesus wont take this insult to His Mother lightly...I wouldnt wanna be those people, when He comes for justice.
Foul...once again the pussies won't do it to an English blow-up doll of Moohameed the $profit...
God is not mocked!
bunch of idiots who do so out of pure malice.

if God will use my poor prayers for their eventual conversion i will rejoice, but these people are far more malicious than those who are outside the faith with some claim to ignorance

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