'Pro-Life' - Activist Frank Pavone: Tea-Party is the 'Home' of Defending Life

Famous Pro-Life Priest in a press conference in Vienna: the principle goal of the movement remains in any case, is to make abortion legally unallowable.

Vienna (kath.net/KAP)  An insight in the engagement of the US-American "Pro-Life" - movement was given by activist and President of "Priests for Life" - initiative, Frank Pavone this Thursday in Vienna.  The principle goal of the movement remains in any case, to make abortion legally unallowable, said Pavone during an encounter with a journalist.  The movement also has in any case to raise consciousness in the population:  "We want to make abortion unthinkable."  He could himself "not imagine a situation, in which abortion [were] a solution to a problem",  says the priest. That does not indicate that there will be a denial of the obligation to care for every woman, who has undergone an abortion and been traumatized.

Of course he's nuts.
Apparently Fr. Pavone didn't see the article where the Tea Party is avoiding issues like abortion and gay marriage as not to alienate people.  :pazzo:
Gallup finds 65% of Tea Party supporters are pro-life, about the same percentage as Republicans who are pro-life. And roughly 85% of Republican elected officials are pro-life. In the midterms we saw a net gain of 52 pro-life seats in Congress.

GOProud and a handful of Tea Party organizers don't represent the Tea Party.

Pax et bonum
The true home of defending life in the USA would be a Traditionalist-Falangist party.
Life is not political. It is not something to debate like economics and legal procedures.

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