Having my home blessed. What do I do???
(02-12-2011, 12:20 PM)SpiderDweeb Wrote: My priest (F.S.S.P.) will be coming to bless or home, eat supper with us and help our son with his catechism all in the same night.  Talk about the joys of Traditional Catholicism.  It doesn't get any better than this!

As you can imagine my family is much honored and want to do this “by the book”, so to speak. 

This brings me to my question;
While Fr. X is blessing our home what should we do?  Do we follow him around?  Or do we just let him do his thing?


I own the “Roman Catholic Daily Missal” by angelus press and absolutely love it.  I use it every day.  Can I ask Fr. X to bless my missal and turn it into a Sacramental? 

Also (last one I promise),

One time I asked a bishop to bless my rosary beads and after he was done with the blessing.   I opened my eyes and just said “thank you Bishop X” and “did not” make the sign of the cross or say amen.  The bishop stared at me kind of funny, so I thought maybe I was supposed to have said and did these two things. 

A year or so later, I had a Miraculous Medal blessed by a priest and didn't want to make the same mistakes twice.  This time after the priest was done I made the sign of the cross and said amen.  Again I was looked at kinda funny like I had did something wrong. 

Both of these men are nice guys and probably didn't want to hurt my feelings or something by correcting me.  I would rather have my feelings hurt by being corrected then be allowed to continue in error and look like an idiot.  Or maybe it was all in my head and I just smelt funny. ;D 

Either way, I don't want to make the same mistake(s) three times.  So…….What is the correct thing to do/say when you are having an object blessed?

Thank You for your replies.


Oh don't be so legalistic.  This isn't hard and there's no reason to get this worked up about a simple house blessing.

The priest will need someone to hold the vessel with holy water, so it's either you or your wife, as the hosts.  Follow him around, and don't worry about it.

A shortcut to getting things blessed is to ask the priest beforehand to bless your house with the intention of blessing all the holy pictures/statues, rosaries, etc. that are in the house, visible and invisible.  Believe me, the priest will be glad to oblige -- better than having to do individual blessings over and over.

In the future, when having a new rosary or missal, or holy picture blessed, just say, "Thank you, Father" when it's over.  There is no need for you to make the Sign of the Cross, since you're not the one getting the blessing.  But if you feel like it, do it -- it isn't that big a deal.

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