Will Liberation Thelogy be Revived?

Will Liberation Theology be Exhumed?

Vatican, today the new neo-Conservative Archbishop João Bráz de Aviz takes up his new office as Prefect for the Congregation for the Institutes of Religious Life. For the occasion, the Vatican daily, 'Osservatore Romano' published an interview with him wherein he defended the Old Liberal Liberation Theology. That which is found as a "preferential option for the poor" is being sold as a "holy imperative option for Evangelization". Already the supposedly holy John Paul II has said that Liberation Theology is "not only useful, rather also necessary".

Oh no, I'll have to check back in for more counseling and deprogramming.  I can still hear the indoctrination on the United Fruit Company, Sojourners, and Plowshares.  Helpppp...Intervention....
Luckily the CATHOLIC Church doesnt teach this crap.
I wouldn't be surprised if lib theology comes back. Especially with Benedicts last socialist encyclical calling for a one world currency etc.
Liberation Theology was never suppressed by the Catholic Church.  Ratzinger wrote a strange encyclical on it when he was head of CDF.  You can't tell if it supports or opposes LT.  Pope JP II never wrote on it.  And it is certainly alive in the USCCB.  The Catholic Church's understanding of economics has completely fallen from the highpoints of Rerum Novarum and QA.  Gone for now. 

Yes the saintly Pope remained quiet while the Marxist Leninists were raging in Latin America and in the USCCB, dragging souls to hell with their heresies.  Just view the garbage put out by the CCHD.
I just looked up the John Paul II quote in the OP and it is from here (see par. 5):


Basically he says liberation theology is useful as long as it is consonant to the perennial doctrine of the Church found in the Fathers, Doctors, and Magisterium--especially socially teaching like Rerum Novarum (he specifically gives RN as an example). The question of course is whether it is consonant. Whenever I hear the phrase "Liberation Theology" it brings to mind a system that is not consonant with those things. I've read the cdf instruction and it basically lays out what is acceptable and what is not without accusing any particular persons or books, etc. It's the parts deemed unacceptable which I have always associated with the phrase "Liberation Theology." Here is that instruction if anyone is interested:

Just skimmed the CDF instruction.  This is different than what I read.  I read something else.  This is a big improvement.  It definitely addresses the marxism.  I take back my criticism.

On the JPII letter, is there an english version available?
I could only find Italian and Portuguese.  :broke:

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