Local Minneapolis Progressivist Flips Out About Cancelling of Gay Event

Local publicist Peter Canisius is being taken to task by the local blog written by a man posing as a Catholic to promote the cause of Sodom.  Pretty Boy Peters got the word out to thousands of people, and the event got canceled by Archbishop Ninstedt.  Now the Wild Reed is having a tizzy, insisting his innocence and the innocence of the church's pastor, Father Leo Tibesar and the untruth of Canisius' statement:

   [p]Here’s one example of misleading and inflammatory language used by PC: The parish priest, Leo Tibesar, is described as a “well known and highly respected same sex marriage and gay rights activist.” Can you imagine members of a Catholic parish going public with such a statement – even if it was true? It’s just asking for trouble (and PC knows it).[/p]


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