High anxiety and/or panic attacks?
Thank you, everyone, for sharing your suggestions, your experiences, your recommendations, everything. It really helps give me some decent ideas, and helps me see what others deal with. Your experiences sound so much like my own.

This evening I got ahold of one of my doctors and went over a few things with her, and she just said that what I'm going through is normal, considering the events of the last couple weeks... and she said it may have something to do with the medication, but most likely it's just that my mind and body are adjusting to everything so the best way to deal with it is rest, lots of sleep, meditation (I'll substitute prayer for that one), and just taking it easy. So that's what I'll do, and if the anxiety doesn't go away within a couple weeks, or if it gets worse, I can go in and talk with them and stuff. That's absolutely fine with me... I've seen faaaaaaar too much of the inside of doctors offices and the hospital for the time being.  :laughing:

I will definitely look into the brown scapular, as well. I have nothing against antidepressants or other medication that helps people; I'm all for it. But with all the meds I'm already on, I want to see if I can just take this one day at a time and deal with it without meds. It's not so severe that I think I can't.... And today was alright, I napped lots!

Thanks again, peoples.  :)

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