Why Do Catholics Want Pope JP-2 Canonized a Saint?
To: JayneK:

Thank you for your response to my recent post. I can understand why you are emotionally upset.  I have seen this happen to married couples ever since the changes began coming out.  Today there is much confusion, apprehension, fear, doubts, anxiety, and uncertainty as the direct result of such changes.

However, there are certain “laws” which must be followed to ascertain the Truth and also to ascertain what are called fallacies. Without such “laws”, anyone can say anything: it is only “opinion” which is not necessarily “Truth”.

The Science of Scholastic Philosophy teaches what these objective "laws" are.  There used to be (perhaps there still is?) at least one textbook available for download on the Science of Scholastic Philosophy.

In any event, IF you know (not feel) exactly which “law(s)” of Truth taught by Scholastic Philosophy that I have violated, in your Charity, could you please be so kind as to inform me of exactly which of these “law(s)” of Scholastic Philosophy I have violated, or at least of which fallacies I am guilty?  I sincerely “Thank You” in advance for your help in this matter.  I really would like to know the answer to this.

Concerning Scholastic Philosophy, per se, I respectfully quote the following for your prayerful consideration:

His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII “canonized”, so to speak, the primacy of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Scholastic Philosophy in Catholicism where he wrote in part:  “While, therefore, We hold that every word of wisdom, every useful thing by whomsoever discovered or planned, ought to be received with a willing and grateful mind, We exhort you, venerable brethren, in all earnestness to restore the golden wisdom of Saint Thomas, and to spread it far and wide for the defense and beauty of the Catholic faith, for the good of society, and for the advantage of all the sciences. The wisdom of Saint Thomas, We say; for if anything is taken up with too great subtlety by the Scholastic doctors, or too carelessly stated -- if there be anything that ill agrees with the discoveries of a later age, or, in a word, improbable in whatever way -- it does not enter Our mind to propose that for imitation to Our age. Let carefully selected teachers endeavor to implant the doctrine of Thomas Aquinas in the minds of students, and set forth clearly his solidity and excellence over others. Let the universities already founded or to be founded by you illustrate and defend this doctrine, and use it for the refutation of prevailing errors. But, lest the false for the true or the corrupt for the pure be drunk in, be ye watchful that the doctrine of Thomas be drawn from his own fountains, or at least from those rivulets which, derived from the very fount, have thus far flowed, according to the established agreement of learned men, pure and clear; be careful to guard the minds of youth from those which are said to flow thence, but in reality are gathered from strange and unwholesome streams”  (His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, Gioacchino Pecci [Wednesday, February 20, 1878 - Monday, July 20, 1903], Encyclical, “Æterni Patris”, On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy, Monday, August 4, 1879 A.D., ¶ 31; emphasis added)."

“Rightly, then, does the same [Pope] Sixtus V call theology (and here he is referring especially to Scholastic Theology) a gift from Heaven, and ask that it be maintained in the schools and cultivated with great ardor, as being abundant in fruitfulness for the Church. [Footnote # 13. Pope Sixtus V, Apostolic Constitution, “Triumphantis Ierusalem”].”

“Is it necessary to add that the book par excellence in which students may with most profit study Scholastic Theology is the ‘Summa Theologica’ of Saint Thomas Aquinas.  It is our wish, therefore, that professors be sure to explain to all their pupils its method, as well as the principal articles relating to Catholic faith” (His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, Gioacchino Pecci [Wednesday, February 20, 1878 - Monday, July 20, 1903], Encyclical, DEPUIS LE JOUR, On the Education of the Clergy, September 8, 1899; ¶ 21-22; emphasis added).”

Thank you for reading.  God Bless You!  I will continue to pray for the Grace of Conversion for your Husband.

A Catholic Catholic
One of the absolute minimum criteria to ascertain the reason of why anyone should be canonized a saint pertains to the lifestyle of that person.

In the case of any Roman Catholic Priest or Prelate (Popes are also Prelates in virtue of their reception of the Sacrament of the Episcopacy - the fullness of the Holy Priesthood), one of the subjects which needs intense scrutiny and analysis concerns the “liturgical lifestyle” of said candidate for canonization.

In reading various posts on this website, I came upon the following subject matter which has currently been extended to 7 pages concerning the "liturgical lifestyle" of the Pope in question:

Quote:Liturgical Abuses Encouraged by John Paul II says Former Master of Ceremonies

Page 1 begins with the first post which says in part:

(05-11-2011, 01:55 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: Liturgical Abuses Encouraged by John Paul II says Former Master of Ceremonies
He Encouraged it Himself

The beatified John Paul II could be named as the patron Saint of liturgical abuses.

(kreuz.net, Vatikan) The beatified John Paul II († 2005) had expressly desired the abuses which were celebrated before him in Pontifical Offices.

This is what the organizer of the abuses and many years Master of Ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini (69) wrote in his new book, "IO sono un Papa amabile. Gioanni Paolo II" -- "I am a loveable Pope. John Paul II."

Paolo Rodari reported this on May 7. on his [often excellent] website 'Palazzo Apostolico'

After this, on various pages, follows some interesting comments concerning those who do not want to believe the Master of Ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini, for the said Pope.

Upon a review of all of the posts, there is an obvious clash of personal opinions.  Those opining:

Quote:It explains things nicely if you don't mind rejecting traditional Catholic ecclesiology.  Anyhow, what we have is an accusation from a witness whom I have never heard good things about against a man who is dead and cannot defend himself.  I would need quite a bit more evidence than this before concluding it was true.

along with

Quote:Yes ... if you are tempted to accept these statements because of negative feelings about JPII ... hold on.  If you don't like JPII because of his approach to liturgy (among other things) you really, really should think twice before trusting anything Piero Marini said.

I myself do not trust anything Piero Marini would write.  He is being marginalized, was fired as papal MC because of his shenanigans, and he should just recede into a corner and leave the public spotlight.

while others would likewise opine something different, such as:

Quote:Well, we know that JPII allowed and supported many abuses...Communion in the paw, altar girls, homosexual priests and Bishops, covered up homosexual abusers instead of turn them over to the proper authorities, etc.

along with

Quote:The Liturgical Abuse went on for a long time with no abatement.  It would be hard to imagine that things aren't as +Marini described, however much a scoundrel he tends to be.

What seems to be lost in this exercise of frustration to discern the actual Truth, is a very basic principle:

Quote:Do not change what God instituted.

In the Bible, one finds it to be very instructive to read in the Old Testament where those who were responsible for “liturgical abuses” in the Mosaic Rite were killed by the wrath of God on the spot where they stood, where you read:

Quote:“And Nadab and Abiu, the sons of Aaron, taking their censers, put fire therein, and incense on it, offering before the Lord strange fire: which was not commanded them. And fire coming out from the Lord destroyed them: and they died before the Lord.”
(Leviticus 10:1-2).

IF the above liturgical abuse in the Mosaic Rite of the Old Law brought down upon these two Priests, who did this liturgical abuse, who were of the Old Testament, the wrath of God which fell upon them in the form of fire from Heaven which “destroyed them: and they died before the Lord”, what awaits the Priests and Prelates of what some pre-Vatican 2 liturgists call the “Ancient Roman Rite” of the Catholic Church which, by the perfect institution of Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest, God the Son, replaced the Mosaic Rite of the Old Law which had only the “shadow of the good things to come, not the very image of the things” (Hebrews 10:1) since “the very image of the things” is the Catholic Traditional Mass!

When Jesus Christ, God the Son, the Eternal High Priest, perfectly instituted the unchangeable ontological essence (“ens” - being - that which makes a thing to be what it is without which [sine qua non] it is not that specific thing), and the unchangeable metaphysical essence (“actus” - act - what the ontological essence does), of the Holy SACRIFICE of the Mass, complete with an Altar upon which the Mass Celebrant (a Priest or a Prelate) faces God, with his back to the people on whose behalf he is the Mediator, as the Alter Christus (another Christ), between God and mankind, never gave His Church, whether the Apostles or any of their successors, not even a Synod or a Council, any power, authority, and/or jurisdiction to change either/both of these things (i.e. the unchangeable ontological essence and the unchangeable metaphysical essence of the Holy SACRIFICE of the Mass) which are both of Divine Institution.

Remember how the ex-Roman Catholic Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests began to change their own changes of their previous changes to the Catholic Traditional Mass in their 16th Century Revolt - called Protestantism - a process of changing the changes of the changes of the changes, which their own progeny have continued to do. 

Their progeny likewise continued to change their changes of the changes of the changes.  These changes of the changes of the changes were done so much so that, with but apparently only one or two exceptions - today you find that the over 300 sects of modern day Protestantism do not even have any kind of liturgical ceremonies which they even pretend is the “mass”!

This is the effect of the efficient cause of their 16th Century ex-Roman Catholic progenitors who instituted the Protestant Memorial SUPPER MEAL, which they originally used to replace the Holy SACRIFICE of the Catholic Traditional Mass. 

Four centuries of changing the changes of the changes of the changes of the changes, has devolved into nothing being left, not only of the Holy SACRIFICE of  the Catholic Traditional Mass, but even of the various versions of the original 16th Century Protestant Memorial SUPPER MEAL!

One is left to wonder: Four centuries from its beginning in 1944, will history repeat itself? 

In other words, in the year 2344 A.D. will the effect of the efficient cause of the frequent changing of the changes of the changes of the changes of the changes of what was originally the Catholic Traditional Mass be that nothing is to be found in that “church” which destroyed the Ancient Roman Rite of the Catholic Traditional Mass and replaced it with an updated, modernized, synthesized 16th Century Protestant Memorial SUPPER MEAL which “today” is called a “mass”, a.k.a. the Novus Ordo Rite (NOR), a.k.a. the Novus Ordo Missæ?

Likewise, one is left to wonder IF there will even be any “priests” or “prelates” left in 2344 A.D., especially IF one meditates up what the wrath of God did to “Nadab and Abiu, the sons of Aaron”, for their liturgical abuse?

Can you dare to imagine the fate of what future Church Historians will call the ex-Roman Catholic Archbishops, Bishops, and Priests, who began to change their changes of their changes to the Catholic Traditional Mass in their updated 20th Century Revolt - called Protestantism 2, oozing with the Satanic diabolical toxic puss of ever-growing liturgical abuses?

No wonder there is a photo, making its way around the internet, of a well-known, very popular personage in the outline of burning fire!

Is this photo not a reminder that what happened to Nadab and Abiu also awaits all of those who also engage in liturgical abuses, whether of the 16th Century, 20th Century, or whenever?

Thank You for Reading!

God Bless You!

A Catholic Catholic

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