Vincent Bugliosi
I just heard an interview with noted attorney/author Vincent Bugliosi of Helter Skelter fame. His new book  "Divine Doubt" is an attack on the faith. But this one is a new trick of Satan he says we must not believe extremes Christianity at one end Atheism at the other end. WE must be like him sayingwe can never really now the truth from either side. He attacks Mary being a virgin, that Christianity didnt teach immortality after death they just followed Plato, its all the usual answered questions. This Hegelian tactic is also being used in the Genesis accounts battle , dont believe those accounts but dont believe evoultion either, all we can say there was an intelligent designer but we dont know who. Satan trying to diminish JESUS again Frank Schaefer son of evangelical pastor the late Francis Schaefer is part of this thinking to. THis Hegelian stuff is going to be the new attack from Satan be prepared.
I'm sorry to see him publishing such trash.  Outrage, about the OJ trial, was amazing.  So was Helter Skelter, if you like true crime.  Perhaps he should stick to writing what he knows.  :p

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