Some Italian bishops support building of mosques
(06-30-2011, 01:39 PM)ecclesiastes Wrote:
(06-29-2011, 08:02 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: i no longer get angry at news like this. sadly its not suprising. and actually is only the logical conclusion the new religion will end in
indifrentism, syncritism, evrything pther then catholicism.

That is not the vision of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Msgr Felix Machado states:

Quote:The call to dialogue entails inherent limits. It is not an uncritical and ambiguous engagement on the part of Catholic Christians, especially not in the field of theology. In other words, the Catholic Church exhorts her faithful to engage in dialogue with people of other religious traditions while at the same time obliging them to adhere uncompromisingly to the essential truths of Christian faith. The Catholic Church has been trying, especially in these past forty years, to incorporate the practice of interreligious dialogue in its overall teaching.

and later in that article:

Quote:Until now, in our dialogues, we have not paid sufficient and careful attention to essential differences between religions. Anxious to bring people of various religions together we have rather preferred to ignore or hide these basic differences. The result has often been a sudden eruption of inexplicable and shocking violence. To ignore the essential identity of a religion is to fail to know that religion. This failure can lead to an attitude of compromise on the part of the adherent, and can breed fear on the part of the partner in dialogue. This fear, in turn, creates hatred, which finally shows up in violent forms. In the absence of dialogue, frustrated extremists use violence even in an organised manner. This is why I strongly recommend a closer look at differences between religions through dialogue in order to acknowledge them and respect them. It is important that Hindus try to understand Christians in the integrity of the Church’s faith just as Christians should try to understand Hindus and respect them in the integrity of their religious beliefs.

Note his emphasis "especially not in the field of theology". I think you can have inter religious dialogue without compromising one's theology. The entire article is, I believe, worth reading.

But what has come of the last 40 years of ecumenism.  Not much good, that's for sure.  If nothing good comes from this upcoming inter-religious conference in Assisi then do you not think that it is time to give up on this ecumenism as a lost cause?  Personally I think Pope Benedict should put on his Tiara and order his bishops to consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart along with him.  Be the Pope that we all want to see.   

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