Nov 12 Bp Williamson column
(11-12-2011, 06:08 PM)Iolanthe Wrote: Everyone is missing the point. Bishop W says clearly that the man should not make the woman the center of his life, but the woman SHOULD make the man the center of her life.

Yes. There is complementarity there.  The man should provide the structure for the family and the woman provides the energy and life within that structure.  The structure provides her the freedom and best environment in which to carry out her purpose in life.  His purpose is to provide her with the support and direction for her to fulfill her destiny.  She fulfills his purpose while he fulfills hers and they both get to Heaven that way. 

Quote: So if making someone the center of your life means to worship them to the point where you neglect your duties in life, why is he saying the woman should do it?

Worshipping someone is not making them the center of your life.  That's idolatry.  The woman makes the man the center of her life because it is her duty to do that.  So, she can't neglect her duty by doing her duty. 

What happens when the man does not fulfill his duties by leading and providing the structure for the woman to thrive?  When he imitates the woman, and responds and shapes himself to her needs as he inaccurately perceives them, they become entangled and enmeshed in each others wants and needs and they start to strangle each other.  They become entwined competitors trying to survive instead of complementary partners fulfilling their part of the plan. The Tomato plant analogy really does provide a good model.

The same is true of the woman who resents her femininity and instead tries to usurp the man's role.  The man will be useless, disconnected from the purpose of his life on earth and have no function. The "fruit" born of the woman without the support of the stake will break the under the weight of the fruit she is unable to support whereas thevien and the steka working in concjunction will provide the healthiest and most abundant fruit. 

The least attractive guy to a woman is the clingy "love me" guy who will do anything for her. She resents him and has nothing but scorn for him because he acts in an unnatural way. She will inevitably be drawn more quickly to a man who is confident, and looks like he's "going places." 

Never have truer words been spoken than "Chicks dig a man with a plan." 
I was listening to the radio the other day while riding my excercise bike. The tune Maybe I'm Amazed came on and it reminded me of this thread. Beautiful song. Too bad it is about Woman Worship rather then Worship of God. In a way one can almost make the case that it is a modernist Psalm.

Just look at the saps singing along and some moved to tears upon hearing it.

You can easily direct your intentions, by way of substitution, to God when forced, or elect, to listen to the bedroom torch crooners.


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