Dealing with the Deceptive Dimond Demimonde
Another thread raised the issue of the Feeneyite Dimond brothers secretly recording phone conversations with various priests, and then posting the conversations on You Tube. Apparently they snookered Fr. Hughes CMRI, Fr. Harrison OS, Fr. Gordon FSSP and Fr. Terra FSSP into talking with them.

When one of them called me, I grilled him until he finally admitted who he really was. I then refused to talk to him.

They still put the recording up, but after I complained to You Tube, it seems to have been pulled.

Broadcasting a recorded phone conversation without the consent of both parties is against FCC regulation 73.1206, which should be cited when complaining to You Tube.

I suspect that You Tube takes violations of Federal regulations like this very seriously.

I've notified the four priests named above. If you know of any others whom the Dimonds have deceived, pass the word along!
Those guys are Feenyites?
For your information the Diamond Brothers would be annoyed to be called Feeneyites since they call Father Feeney a heretic. They , the Diamond Brothers go way beyond the Feeneyite theory. They state their positions on the damnation of people in the Old Testament days and they don't believe in Baptism of Desire. Father Feeney would not take their Old Testament view and he held BOD as a theory that if the church defined it he would submit to it but he believed and apparently Rome does also that you can hold various views on whether desire is sufficient or not . But here thats not the issue the Diamond Brothers link Feeney with Lefvbrve as heretics.
Thank you Father.

But, I am a little confused. Why wouldn't they like you and the CMRI?

What's their game?
They regard Fr. Feeney as a heretic?
When will they set up the Dimond church?

It's about time.
I listened to one of those mentioned phone conversations with expectancy but sadly it ended in disappointment.
The Dimonds have gotten their message out to millions (judging from their hits on youtube) and I was expecting that the priests in queston would be only too happy to have refuted them and pointed out their errors.
They (the Dimonds) did in fact ask for a debate at a more opportune time if the present timing was inconvenient.

The fact that they do have such a public on-line presence (in fact, if one types in anything with the word "catholic" in the title they're sure to get MHFM as one of the first page results.
I would certainly welcome listening to such a debate refuting their claims.with someone who knows their theology  One such debate they had with Robert Sungenis was excellent if not conclusive on either side but would have at least given some food for thought to the Dimond bros followers.
If I am not mistaken, I heard a commercial for the Dimond Bros Monastery on the Laura Ingraham radio show about a couple of weeks ago.  They were selling 25 disks for $5.99.
To what extent are the Dimonds infected by the demonic?
(12-28-2011, 06:58 PM)Someone1776 Wrote: Thank you Father.

But, I am a little confused. Why wouldn't they like you and the CMRI?

Because we both reject the standard tenets of Feeneyism.

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