Happy Feasts of Pope St Telesphorus and St John Neumann
[Image: 196033177_FPxkE-L.jpg]
St Telesphorus was the 7th pope and the first to be officially listed as a martyr by Eusebius. He reigned during the rule of Hadrian and died during the rule of Antoninus Pius.
[Image: Neumann%20shrine.jpg]
St John Neumann was bishop of Philly. he came from Bohemia and took the Redemptorist vows in Baltimore. He founded the parochial school system in America and many parishes around Central Pa. Always working tirelessly, he suffered a stroke on a Philly street and died in the snow. I figured I would mention Neumann, even though he is in the OF calender, because he promoted the TLM. His shrine was also recently restored to its tradtional Catholic look with Neumann dressed in baroque vestments rather than the 70's polyester they put him in. Neumann is not incorrupt. He is just wearing a death mask over his skull.
Telesphorus actually got moved back to the 2nd in the OF and Neumann in his place on the 5th. Either way, they were both champions of traditional doctrine.
Our saintly martyr pope, now gloriously in Heaven. And St. John looks awesome and amazing in the traditional vestments.

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