America Needs Fatima, TFP a cult?
I came across this today:


And typical of all cults

The America Needs Fatima campaign is wholly operated by an organization called The Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), founded in Brazil by Professor Plinio Corr�a De Oliveira in 1960.

Dr. Plinio claimed to have a "private, prophetic charism" enabling him to look at a young man's face or photo and discern that the young man had "tao" (sometimes "tau"). The "tao" is considered to be a mark on the boy's soul put there by the Virgin Mary to select him as one of her "warrior monks" or "militants." Boys and young men possessing "tao" are told that to refuse this "vocation" is tantamount to condemning their own soul to hell. They are required to make vows of celibacy and obedience to TFP, a "vocation" higher than the vocation to married life or to the priesthood. To make them afraid to leave the group, stories are circulated throughout TFP of the horribly-violent, sudden deaths of ex-TFPers. Those who leave are called "apostates", even if they remain faithful Catholics. This entire recruitment procedure is in violation of Canon Law 219 prohibiting any coercion in choosing or remaining in any state of life.

Before his death on Oct. 3, 1995, Dr. Plinio often prophesied that he would see the battle of Armageddon within his own lifetime. His followers were kept in a constant state of agitation, expecting this cataclysmic event at any moment. The warrior monks are supposed to be key participants in Armageddon and the subsequent "Reign of Mary". This false prophet was treated a "living saint"; his followers would bow in his presence, revere his personal belongings and compose hymns honoring him and his mother. Some militants chant a litany to Donna Lucilla, Dr. Plinio's deceased mother, or sub-stitute the name of Donna Lucilla for Mary and the name of Plinio for Jesus while reciting the Hail Mary

Nevertheless, TFP seemed so dedicated to spreading the Catholic faith (in particular devotion to Our Lady of Fatima) and also to fighting communism that many of the finest and most devout Catholic families in Brazil fell for the outward appearance of orthodoxy and enrolled their sons in schools and training centers run by TFP in Brazil. The result was so disastrous that on April,18 1985 the NCBB (National Council of Brazilian Bishops) condemned the group and ordered Catholics to have nothing to do with it. The response of the group has been to claim that its anti-Communist stance prompted the bishops' opposition, and that the condemnation was just an "unsigned note." On the contrary: the condem-nation was written on the letterhead of the NCBB and published in several of Brazil's largest newspapers. It is the mis-leading teachings of the group and the damage it has done to Catholic families that prompted the bishops' warning, which characterized the group as a "cult of personality " (meaning that they are giving excessive or worshipful devotion to their leader) and also accused the group of "abusing the name of Holy Mary." The official nature of the notice was subse-quently confirmed by the Under-Secretary General of the Brazilian Conference, Fr. Valentini Netto on Dec. 8, 1995.

Meanwhile this group has spread to 25 countries and the same damage to souls and vocations is now becoming apparent in the US. Many good Catholics in this country have been misled into supporting TFP through one of its front campaigns, such as America Needs Fatima, which is currently the chief fund-raiser for the group. All moneys collected from the "free-will" offerings at the "Pilgrim Virgin" meetings go to TFP.

TFP cleverly organizes events that draw faithful, even prominent, Catholics into innocent association with the group. Photographs or endorsement letters are then produced to persuade other Catholics to lend their support or to convince them that TFP is a faithful Catholic group. But Catholics who have merely lost time or money in unknowingly supporting this cult are the lucky ones. Some families have lost their sons. Boys and young men who are selected for membership in the group soon learn to have contempt for their parents while also plying them with requests for money to support the work of the group. By demanding celibacy of lay members, the group robs these parents of grandchildren and robs the Church of strong Catholic husbands and fathers and of the Catholic children they would have produced.

Sometimes TFP recruits married men. They are instructed that their "tao" or "vocation" is a higher calling than their family life. The group makes heavy demands on their time. Observers and former members report that it is not un-usual for a married man to spend every weekend working full-time for TFP. If his wife objects, she will be told that she "does not have the grace" to understand the TFP mission.

The "spiritual formation" that TFP gives to children unwittingly placed in its care fosters anti-clericalism and con-tempt for their fellow Catholics. They are urged to receive daily communion, but have scant regard for the Mass. TFP families and militants frequently wait outside reciting their trademark, rapid-fire Rosaries and come into Mass just in time to receive communion. They call Catholics who faithfully assist at Mass "white heretics".

TFP exists, not to build up the body of Christ, but to perpetuate itself and further the self-aggrandizement of its leaders. Catholic youths who join TFP with the noble vision of defending of tradition, family and property end up separated from Catholic tradition, do not start families of their own and after the finest years of their young manhood are used up, find they have acquired no substantial property of their own. When they finally leave, often despairing, they are without money, education or marketable job experience. There is no doubt that this group is a destructive and insidious cult.

You can read the rest at that link. I subscribe to the ANF newsletters; they've sent me calendars, holy cards and what-not, same as Fatima Crusader and Father Gruner. I've never thought it was cult-like in any sense. I'm also vaguely familiar with Unity Publishing, particularly their expose of Medjugorje. What do you make of this accusation? Is there any merit to it? Or is Unity barking up the wrong tree?
I find this hard to believe. If anyone has seen the website "Tradition in Action" they know that Plinio Correa de Oliveira is the mentor of the webmaster, Attila Sinke Gumaräes. I read this website assiduously, and although I sometimes find their position slightly extreme, especially regarding conspiracy withing SSPX, I haven´t ever seen anything heretical or cultish.

I can imagine they have many enemies, and sadly the Brazilian Bishops Conference would probably be the greatest. What I´m not completely sure of is the relation between Tradition in Action and TFP. I don´t know if Mr. Gumaräes severed links with TFP. Does anyone else know the details?
I love America Needs Fatima.

What are the characteristics of a cult?? somebody help!
A lot of people call the Catholic Church a cult.

I know very little about the situation and TFP, but from glancing at what was posted:

-The fact that the bishops conference of Brazil doesn't like something doesn't mean squat.  Many of them are liberation theologians anyway, and I'm more sympathetic to TFP knowing the bishops aren't happy.

-However, if it's true that they put severe demans on married men to the point of making TFP a priority over the duties of their state in life (to wife and children), that sounds diabolical.

Other things sound concerning, but I'm not inclined to believe anything in the article ... I also can't dismiss it.
This article is in the same vein of those articles a few years ago "Is the SSPX a cult?"

Old news.
America Needs Fatima acknowledges that they are Related to TFP:

Sorry I can't post the entire quote, but I'm on an iPad 2 and I can't seem to copy the text.
(02-06-2012, 01:40 PM)damooster Wrote: America Needs Fatima acknowledges that they are Related to TFP:

Sorry I can't post the entire quote, but I'm on an iPad 2 and I can't seem to copy the text.

Thank you. This probably means they are the real deal, as far as I´m concerned. I can´t think how anyone could spread that kind of foul calumny about a catholic apostolate. I can understand WHY; Satan must hate the message of Fatima more than almost anything I can think of. I just can´t understand how people can be drawn into this kind of hatred.

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