See What Americanism and the Americanist Heresy Brings About?
(06-01-2012, 09:21 AM)Benno Wrote: But having read that, what are you guys all going on about? I don't get the point of the thread, much as I like "americanism" being called out. (Sorry, babe in the woods.)

I didn't actually read the thread, lol....
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Benno, most of the novelties which came from Vatican II are American in nature. Eccumenism or the freedom of religion, more properly freedom from religion, equality, and the American model of government like the USCCB is what they are going on about. It's the notion that the Church is for Sundays and should keep quiet in the political sphere no matter how immoral that becomes. It's the culmination of the reformation, the rennaisance, the french revolution, the masons, the banksters, the commies, and the american exceptionalism.  We're doomed.

One of the turning points of the last century was in the early 1950s when Cardinal Cushing of Boston and his then Auxiliary John Wright (Later a Cardinal) went after Father Leonard Feeney when he and his followers protested Cardinal Cushing building an ecumenical interfaith chapel on the campus of Brandeis University (a Jewish institution)  This was the first OUTWARD appearance of ecumenism which was perculating INSIDE the church. When the Dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Outside the Church, No Salvation) was promoted by these 2 bishops as not an absolute dogma the downfall began, it gave legitimacy to all faiths and belittled the position of the Catholic Church, today 60 years later few believe in this dogma and ecumenism provides the path where the church takes all it's positions.
For what it may be worth, St. Benedict Center also has the honour of being the only Catholic voice in the whole world that spoke out publicly against the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by their own country.  Boy, did that ever go over well.  Not.  And they're still very patriotic, as they try to fix the damage that Americanism has done.  God love them.
(06-01-2012, 11:48 AM)per_passionem_eius Wrote: And they're still very patriotic, as they try to fix the damage that Americanism has done.

That's the essence of true patriotism - not blind acceptance of every foolish idea that one's nation has ever promoted, but a love for it simply because it's one's nation coupled with the desire to correct those foolish ideas.

Or at least it ought to be.
So the rift in the Curia is led by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on one side and Cardinal Angelo Sodano on the other.  In Father Paul Kramer's book 'The Devil's Final Battle' he implicated them both as being enemies of Fatima.  Hopefully one of them has changed their mind about it.

In the Catholic Match forum the other day someone posted that Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Cardinal Donald Wuerl are both hoping to be set up to be the next pope.  If you can believe that.  Wild.
All I can say is am I glad there is nothing like a party ticket with Pope and Vice-Pope. Imagine Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Wuerl on that ticket.

Well, Adam, I'm going to at least claim not to have missed the point, but to have believed you couldn't mean it that way.  After all, people were calling for HH JP2 to resign years ago.  That ship has sailed, many moons ago.

The fork has been passed, the road chosen.
Well, I'm sure "resignation" is still on the american modernists to do list. So if Benedict XVI won't go then the next wil face another manufactured scandal and be asked until one of them does it. These guys want change they can believe in and won't stop util they have it. After gay marriage next stop is the first married gay pope. Watch for it, your young enough.

I'm not sure youth is an issue.  I keep expecting things to get either much better, or much worse, very, very rapidly.

I'm very hopeful to see what the divine response to the last Rosary Crusade will be.  Right now, it looks like a regularization...  which is interesting, even if not at all what we asked for.

But if things were to drag on for years, there are still a lot of possible intermediate step between BXVI and a practicing sodomite "married" pontiff.  After all, we don't even have openly sodomite bishops in the Catholic Church, yet.

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