German Cockroaches
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Has anyone ever had to deal with these?
I absolutely, positively cannot stand roaches. They have got to be the creepiest, grossest thing out there. Ugh!

I have lived in 2 places with them. Once in Houston. The entire neighborhood got bombed every 3-4 months for ants and roaches. It's just how it is in tropical climates. But they always came back. I can still remember when I was 3-5 years old at night, laying in bed, listening to my mom using a newspaper to kill the roaches. Whack! followed by something like,"Die you filthy bastards!". They other place was an old apartment. I didn't find them till the summer, by then I was going to move in a month. It was an old building, nothing I could do about it. I just tried to keep everything clean and not think about it.

When I moved out to the boonies we had a house inspected for bugs before we bought it. I asked the guy if there were roaches, which he thought was hilarious. Probably thinking,"city folk". I guess they don't have them out here, thank God.
I remember my parents mentioning having to have an apartment bombed because of a roach infestation.  I believe they were German cockroaches, which apparently are extremely prolific.   

Some various tips:
  • Place a caps (or some other small container) filled with sugar water and baking soda (I think it's baking soda!).  I've heard that the sugar will attract them and when they drink the water, the baking soda will expand in their stomachs and kill them.
  • Use a jar of water (not full).   They just climb in and can't get back out.   I don't know how successful this is, but someone told me they accidentally trapped some this way.
  • Keep a bottle of Simple Green around.   If you see one, nail the thing with a spray of it.   If you hit them (and it's hard to miss with a spray), they'll die almost instantly.   Watch them stagger for about ten seconds, then flip on their backs.   It's (in my opinion) more sanitary than smacking them with a newspaper or magazine, it's handier to use, and you clean the floor at the same time.
  • Buy roach motels.  I've used some I got from Menard's and they work pretty well.  The roaches crawl inside, eat the bait and get poison all over their legs, then they carry it back to the others and poison them, too.
They're the worst! I've never had a problem with them personally, but I've had to stay at places that were absolutely crawling with them before. Gross. You can keep them at a minimum by sealing up your food, keeping everything really clean, sink empty, and don't forget to wipe the counters for crumbs, etc, they'll come after any little thing. Dog food and cat food sealed up tight as drum, too. They love that stuff.
Evil sick roaches. I have a phobia of those dang things. There aren't any where I now live but I used to see a few where I used to live. Funny thing Germany doesn't have roaches. So I wonder why they named these creeps German roaches.
I hope I never have to deal with them.
Boric acid will do nicely for roaches and ants. :)  Just sweep it into the edges of your rooms, under the sink, in doorways, etc. (using some care, of course, since the stuff can cause intestinal upset in people and animals).  Best to read all the instructions and warnings on the bottle, and you can get a big bottle of the powder for like $2.00 at dollar general...

-- Nicole
When I spent a week in New Orleans people joked with me about "a New Orleans wake up call" luckily I never experienced one. it's when a roach crawls across your face at night. Not cool!

It is actually worse than I originally thought. They come out during the day too which I’ve read means a very bad infestation exists. I can't turn around without seeing one! Being as I just moved a week ago I’m pretty shocked.
Cheap hairspray isn't as toxic as bug spray, and it stops them, or at least slows them down considerably, so you can finish them off manually, with a paper towel, or what have you.  It works for flies, and bedbugs too.  Don't kill any spiders, though! 

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