Champions of Tradition and the Latin Mass
Which priests were outward champions of the Latin Mass and Tradition long before the SSPX and the Archbishop came to the forefront? I know there was a priest who self-published (rumors say with the Bishops help) an early book on the revolution out of Reno, Nevada. I know Archbishop Dwyer then Bishop of Reno later Archbishop of Portland was a staunch trad and many say his battle for tradition shortened his life. We must mention Father Gomar Depauw and Father Leonard Feeney of EENS fame who although known for that dogma was saying the Latin Mass using the pre-Bugnini missal during the decades he was involved in the battle the 1950s (which many never recognize was the years the modernist were throwing the change word around) the 60s and 70s. In fact the Feeneyites say that Father Feeney was troubled by the insertion of St. Joseph into the canon, even though he loved St. Joseph, he saw tampering with the canon another first step for the change artist's He had witnessed personally how the modernist's a decade earler had been successful in getting the general public to PERCIEVE that the dogma EENS didn't say what it did , it was revised for our times. He warned Pius 12th what would happen in 10 years if nothing was done , 10 years later Vatican 2 and it's updating and options.
For some of Fr Feeney's thoughts, according to one of his early followers who became the abbott in Still River Mass, under Rome, Gabriel Gibbs read "From Harvard to Harvard".  I won't say too much, just that, going by the book, Fr Feeney was not presented as the "hands off" the liturgy type.  He thought that Fr Wathen's book went a bit too far. 
  Anyway, there was Fr Wathen, as just mentioned.  Fr John Keene up in Boston established his first chapel in 1970,eventually having 4.  They are all closed now. 
Fr Martin Stepanich, O.F.M. was ostracised from his community starting in 1967 when he refused to say the Mass using the all english canon.  He is still with us.
Then Fr Robert Mckenna,O.P,, along with Fr Fenton and other priests saw it in the late 60's as well.  Fr Vincent Bowes, O.C.D. went back to the TLM in the early 70's.  Fr Lawrence Brey did not go along with any of the  changes. 
  There are others, but that is all for now.
Abbott Gibbs wasn't the most impartial person , he latered dropped the Latin Mass altogether and the NO was said in his Abbey. Meanwhile the other groups of Feeneyites along with Father Feeney still did the Latin Mass up till Father's death in 1978.Father and the other Saint benedict Center groups were vindicated years later by the church acknowledging the latin Mass never was rescinded.
I was really talking about the period from 1958-1962 the years when change was in the air, already Jesuits were changing the mass in Europe and i believe Father Trinchard said he saw the new mass as a Jesuit as early as 1964.
Bishop de Castro Mayer already knew about the impending dangers of the modernist poison during the 1950s. Thus, when the first session of Vatican II convened and ended(1962-65), Campos was shielded from tidal wave engulfing the whole Church.
I can really only give an answer from my perspective, which is Kentucky. Father James Wathen and Father Francis Michael Hannifan were the main two priest fighting for tradition in my area. There were more, including still alive, Father John O'Connor.  All of which were part of their local diocese before the great suppression.

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(06-23-2012, 05:46 PM)salus Wrote: I was really talking about the period from 1958-1962 the years when change was in the air, already Jesuits were changing the mass in Europe and i believe Father Trinchard said he saw the new mass as a Jesuit as early as 1964.

He goes through the whole history thing in his lecture.

Here's a snip, the rest of the link is worth the read too.

“Conciliar or Catholic
by Fr. Gommer de Pauw
Professor of Theology and Doctor of Canon Law
A Lecture given in Chicago, 1967

........................And all the Johnny-come-lately, what are they asking now?  A Latin Mass?  The issue is no longer a Latin Mass – the issue is now OUR CATHOLIC FAITH! 

            What can you do, and what must you do?  You must try to save whatever can be saved, just as in the 4th century.  The flame of traditional Catholic beliefs was kept burning by a small group of people – lay people – and a few religious and a few priests.  Now YOU have to do the same thing!  You must BREAK with the Conciliar Church in order to save the true Catholic Church!

            How can you do it?

            Number one, refuse financial support to any priest turned minister whose Church now only offers a “last supper commemorative communion service” without the Good Friday sacrifice of the substantially present living God!  Refuse to support financially schools where the Conciliar religion has replaced the Catholic religion!  And, in turn, support financially and spiritually and morally those few priests and those few nuns who are holding out as best they can in their own positions!  Look for churches where real Catholic priests are still validly consecrating.  If you can’t find it in your own parish, make the sacrifice to travel a few miles.  Your grandparents did it, driving horses or walking on their own legs.  They built the churches years ago here in this country.  Travel around and look for a church.  There are a few left that still have the real Mass.  Look for schools where the faith and morals of your children are not being ruined by sacrilegious and immoral so-called “religion books.”  If you cannot find such churches, stop going to the establishment buildings where the true sacrifice is no longer available.  And God knows that I carefully selected my words when I said that.  No one who has been ordained 25 years a priest as I have been, no one who has trained priests for the last 15 years, is going to make a statement as I just made without carefully and prayerfully watching his language.  Stop going to those sacrilegious services which are now being forced on you.  Go on the weekday if you can, to a Church where a priest is still offering a real Mass – and IF you cannot find such churches anymore, then build NEW churches and NEW schools!  You build the buildings and I will give you the priests and the teachers!  And if you run into financial or technical difficulties – and I know you will because four days ago I was in the state of New Jersey, looking over the piece of property which was offered me to offer Mass the next Sunday with all sorts of privileges, building regulations, zoning regulations, and what have you. 

            That is why right now, ladies and gentlemen, build altars in your own homes, and invite priests to come there and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass!  I’m going to send out all over the country the simple measurements – 65” wide, 20” deep, 41” high.  Build an altar and I will give you the names of priests who are willing to come there for you and your neighbors and your children…to offer the REAL sacrifice.

            Let there be a modern version of the catacombs!  It is better to have the real Mass on an altar in your home than a phony, community service in what used to be Catholic churches.  And if you cannot find any priests, if the 120 plus, who gave me their assurance that they would do it with me – if they all chicken out, then I will alone travel all over the country and say Mass instead of speaking to the people.  Because the days are over for speeches, the days are over for publications, the days are over for pamphlets – the days of ACTION are here!  We must now save nothing less than the real presence of God among us.  Right now what we need is altars to offer Masses on.  If we cannot have them anymore in our church buildings, YOU must have them in your homes!  And I, for one, will go anyplace in the United States to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass and teach your children the old beliefs of your forefathers.

            And I do hope that some priests, if they witness me doing it, might still have the GUTS to do the same.  Do not fear the wrath of the bishops who today form the established, heretical, schismatic Church.  Let us be prepared, ladies and gentlemen, to join the saints who were illegally excommunicated by the phony establishments and bishops of their days.  I’m referring to Saint Athanasius, Saint Cyril, Saint Philip Neri, Saint Louis de Montfort, Saint Joan of Arc – just to name a few.  ............

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