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Hi Everyone,  I have not posted here in awhile but I felt this was important.

In the past, I have read posts about Syon Abbey in Virginia, and think that if I did not defend them, I was tempted to.  I also remember reading that there were a few earnest souls considering a vocation who asked about that Abbey.

I have some information to deliver.

The "abbey" was never canonically established, so there is no 'abbey' and there is no 'abbot.'

in 1983 the "Abbot" F. Edward Nugent, was found guilty and incarcerated in Curry County, Oregon for paedophelia with a minor boy.

He was accused of the same by a priest of the SSPX back in 1974.

It was implied he was abusing a specific person in 1968.

Despite claims that he was ordained in Boston, Mass, the Boston Diocese denies ever ordaining a man named Nugent.

There have been more recent claims of terrible things, but since I have not seen these claims in writing, I will not state whether those are true or false.

I apologize if this offends anyone, but my conscience directs that I must warn innocent people so others are not hurt, or further scandal allowed to occur.  Therefore, I have stayed with concrete facts from public records and notorized statements.

God bless and protect you,
Thank you for this,

Its ashame if true.

I contacted the Abey several years ago to see if they allowed the public to assist at their Mass's since I live 3 hours from them.
The "abbot" told me he would notify me.
Its been since 2007 since they updated their webpage:
I am afraid it is true.  You can verify yourself with the Curry County Sherriff's office. 
I discerned a vocation at that monastery in the 90's. I didn't stay there long.
They seemed like nice guys, though the abbot seemed a bit controling, but very personable and articulate.
This was when they were in Oregon.
It would be sad if he was never an actual priest,,,, that would be a big problem.
I had heard long ago they were sede-vacantist's they were located just over the California border in Oregon
They are not sede.  Fr. Nugent says he does not have the jurisdiction to make that decision.

He has bigger problems.
i think we should pray for them :pray: :pray: :pray:
(10-03-2012, 08:11 PM)quoprimumV Wrote: They are not sede.  Fr. Nugent says he does not have the jurisdiction to make that decision.

He has bigger problems.
What non regular group has any jurisdiction?
Sorry he may have used the word "authority."  Doesn't change the reality, though.

Update:  The National Catholic Registry does not have him listed as a priest.  It lists two other Francis Nugents, one a Jesuit from CA, and the other a rather public figure from Orange NJ who was found guilty of molesting a woman.

This isn't looking good.

Continuing research has revealed the following from the Diocese in which Mr. Nugent has claimed jurisdiction or ordaining throughout his "career."

Boston Diocese says they did not ordain him.
Covington KY where he claims the "Abbey' was cannonically established, did not ordain him and actually REMOVED HIS FACULTIES IN 1966.
Fort Wayne IN Diocese, says he was ordained in Wichita.
Wichita says he was ordained in Fort Wayne.  Fort Wayne insists this is impossible.

The legal materials from the 1983 case of abuse also cit cases of abuse in California and Wisconsin.

If you have any loved ones who associate with this "Abbey" please warn them!

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