Vatican II at 50 by Kenneth Wolfe in the WaPo
Indeed an excellent article.
(10-11-2012, 08:00 PM)Romish Papist Wrote:
(10-11-2012, 07:34 PM)richness of tradition Wrote: 'While countless priests, brothers and nuns quit, most Catholics stopped attending Mass and the remaining Catholics largely embraced dissent.'

I often wonder about middle-aged and elderly Catholics at that time.  Did a lot of them stop attending Mass?  It must have been a devastating thing for devout Catholics at that time.  Does anyone know of any books written on the impact of this cultural upheaval?

Michael Davies had a short book (pamphlet really) called the Barbarians have taken over or something like that and it detailed one story of what you described.  Unbelievable how faithful Catholics in the diocese in question were treated.  You can probably find it on Abe Books.  I found mine on EBay. 

I found a link on Una Voce (of which Davies was once President) to a free online version of the book I mentioned, "The Barbarians Have Taken Over".

Also, they seem to have a long list of his works (books, pampklets, articles), some of which they provide links to free online versions.  You can find the list here:

I thought this was good. It's kind of crazy how more and more people are getting the story out about how the conciliar agenda was hijacked


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