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(11-06-2012, 01:46 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: There is a lot of biased history out there.  I'm glad you think about what you read rather than take it at face value.  Most people (and this drives me nuts) assume that if it's in print, it's true.

Was the premarital sex thing re: the Middle Ages?  I could see a small jump in the 14th century like you describe just because the clergy were really hard hit by the Black Death in particular.  The church responded by sending out half trained boys as priests (ordained early) in an attempt to make sure people could at least receive the sacraments. 

Yes, and it was pushing a point. She was so muddled she said the Church changed their teaching on pre-marital sex at that time to inhibit the sin, raising it to a "Venial Sin". That was the truth squealing for me. Worse my nephew, who had gone to Catholic Grammar and High School had no clue if that was right, and didn't care. He wrote the paper as his teacher wanted in support of this woman's agenda. As Fred Sanford would have said "ah dats higher education for ya".



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