Hitler's secret files
Thay's really the point the truth will fix this holocaust dogma. Imagine if in say twenty years Bishop Williams is vindicated and we find the true scope of Hitler's occult satanic murdering spree. This holocaust has always made this questin pop in my head. If Hitler was a sort of antichrist as some suggested and many believed, why did he waste his time with killing the jews en masse or the jehova witnesses, why not go get the Catholics and kill them.

(12-09-2012, 02:35 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote:
(12-09-2012, 02:29 PM)The Dying Flutchman Wrote: Wow those lists are antisemitic. To even suggest that there was more anything killed then jews is antisemitic. Quick Batman call Abby Foxman. To the ADL cave. Our Holocaust industry is being attacked.

Hardly. Watch the video as it does not live up to the advanced billing.

If this attempt is made and the case is made of some large amount of Catholics, I can't see it as any good news. It will mean the Jews are going to find a way to have no one doubt anything as they will let some of us in the club. Perhaps the money is drying up for the "survivors". Bad economy, don't you know as the world teeters on a fiscal cliff.

To keep the jig going they are going to have to go multi-cultural. But, they have no need to worry. They are like Coke. They will always be number 1 in Holocaust lore. And they own all the Institutions, government funded, no less.

Christianity lay in ruins. Perhaps they will allow us to join their cult with the Holocaust Idol front and center replacing the Cross.

Oh well, I don't expect anyone else to understand. It is lonely up here. But the view, is amazing.

Ahh yeah your right. I didn't watch the video at first. I had my fill of fantasy  last night before bed. I watched The Fellowship of the Ring.

A Multi Culti Holocaust WITH the Catholic Church. Thats a great idea for money said Mr. Rothschild.

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