Comrade Your Excellency?
From Brazil, the land that brought you the "Masonic Mass":

"“If you don’t give up your repossession efforts, blood will flow.”
That was the threat farmer Maria Angela Simões Semeghini received last February as she went to court to recover her farmlands invaded in the city of Ariquemes, State of Rondônia, in the Amazon region of Brazil.
Mrs. Semeghini was shocked when she learned that this serious threat was coming from none other than Father Vital Corbellini, the pastor of the nearby town of Jaru."

I don't know if "blood will flow" meant that Fr. Corbellini was trying to warn this woman from messing with the powerful Communist movement (LCP) because he feared for her safety, or because he wanted to scare her and help the Communists. It is known that Fr. Corbellini has been acting as an intermediary between the civil authorities and the Communist forces.

Nevertheless, it seems that this priest has been appointed Bishop of Maraba.

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From what I have read this is common in S. America and Central America what with all the Liberation theology hooligans.
There may be more to this than meets th e eye. This has been going on in that part of the world for at least 500 years since the colonial administration confiscated the land of the indigenous peoples. The land has been in the legal possesion of just a relatively small number of people. There have been other problems in Brazil. The largest ethanol producer was recently accused of slavery. There have also been the assasination of activists involved in the questions of land reform and environmentalism. I would think that the bishop has some explaining to do.   
Here is some more information on what is happening in Brazil. The sister may not have been very traditionalist, but I don't think she deserved to be killed the way that she was.
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There does indeed seem to be much to this situation. I notice for example that the brother of the slain nun, a man being celebrated by media outlets, left the priesthood to become married.

I don't trust people who campaign in favor of violent Communists, Poche. Communists use the Church right up until they destroy it.

I'm also distrustful of the attitude that treats Communist peasant thugs as people and land owners as subhuman trash. It's likely that most of the land owners are Catholics. Communists are mostly atheist, pagan or in some cases overtly satanic.

I'm sorry that nun was killed, of course. Some seem to say that she was fighting for the "Environment". Others that she was fighting for the Communists. I only hope that she was fighting for Christ, who seems to be left out of the equation in all this Revolution business.
I also join you in your distrust of the Communists. What I am saying is that in Latin America there are have been traditionally large tracts of land owned by a relatively few people and large numbers of people with no money, no means of being able to earn any money and a concentration of power in the hands of those "landhowners." who have rigged the system in their favor. When the pope wrote Rerum Novarum he upheld the right to private property. However, that right is not an absolute if it is to the great detriment of the rest of the society. Just ask yourself, "Why do we have large numbers of people from Latin America who want to come here?" There would not be the threat of violence if there were a more equitable distribution of resources within the society. I am not advocating a violent revolution, I am saying that the behavior of certain land owners and teh way that the laws are enforced (Or not enforced) is what makes the idea of a communist revolt attractive.

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