Words of Our Lord to Sr Josefa Menendez (1923), concerning salvation of souls
From the wonderful little book chronicling the revelations to Sr Josefa, The Way of Divine Love (Imprimatur: 1953, Published by TAN 1972, Cardinal Pacelli - Pope Pius XII -  was the Cardinal Protector).
Quote:Then, He fixed His eyes on Josefa: "O! If you could but see the beauty of a soul in grace. But such beauty is invisible to mortal eyes, Josefa. Look rather with eyes of faith, and realizing the value of souls, consecrate yourself to giving this glory to the Blessed Trinity, by gaining many souls in which the Triune God may find a dwelling".

Jesus continued instructing her in very simple language: "Every soul can be instrumental in this sublime work...Nothing great is required, the smallest acts suffice: a step taken, a straw picked up, a glance restrained, a service rendered, a cordial smile...all these offered to Love are in reality of a great profit to souls and draw down floods of grace on them. No need to remind you of the fruits of prayer, of sacrifice, of any act offered to expiate the sins of mankind...to obtain for them the grace of purification, that they too may become fitting sanctuaries for the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity.

There follows a brief passage about Sr Josefa's prayers for the apostolic orders, before:
Quote: "If a man devotes his life", He said, "to working either directly or indirectly for the salvation of souls, and reaches such a degree of detachment from self that without neglecting his own perfection he leaves to others the merit of his actions, prayers and sufferings...that man draws down abundant graces on the world...he himself reaches a high degree of sanctity, far higher than he would have attained had he sought only his own advancement"

I must not embellish this, but merely note that the last paragraph reminds me of what St Louis de Montfort says of the total consecration to the Blessed Virgin, that it can be more perfect than the religious vows because it offers not just exterior and material goods but interior and spiritual ones as well.

The revelations to Sr Josefa - subtitled "The Message of the Sacred Heart to the World" - are really quite breathtaking. I will post more if more is sought. Blessed be Jesus!
At one point I had a copy of that book, not sure where it went. Maybe I should read it again when I find it.
(12-27-2012, 04:18 PM)TradCathYouth Wrote: At one point I had a copy of that book, not sure where it went. Maybe I should read it again when I find it.

its full of magnificent stuff! I should have mentioned that that quote is from p331-332!
Best thread in a long, long while. Thank you.
(12-27-2012, 04:28 PM)Heinrich Wrote: Best thread in a long, long while. Thank you.

Deo Gratias!
It seems that this is the path for the Bride to be restored to former glories and yet greater ones, and for the empire of Babylon to perish.
Very inspiring and beautiful quotes!
Just what I needed to reflect upon today!  Thank you.

I also have the book and have read it.  It is one to pick up again and again.

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