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(01-04-2013, 01:55 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote: Besides the need for serious censures towards the people involved in the making of this video, I'd like to know where they got the vestments and see that person censured as well.  Vestments aren't cheap, and I doubt that they bought all those vestments for a few minute video. 

In the video's credits they thank an episcopal "parish", which is also where they likely filmed. I'd guess they borrowed them from that "parish".

Lol.  Why not just join the episcopals? 

Probably because their main goal is the destruction of the Church. They just couch it in terms of "equality" and "justice".

That and because the Episcopal/Anglicans for all their fruityness tend to have a lot of ceremony in their services. Anything that tends to glorify God is anathema to these clowns.
Right, cause we all know religion isn't about God.  Religion is all about me and making me feel good. 
Not even a good song.
The only way their church is going to be popular is if they sleep with the male laity.

And that only works until you begin looking like this

[Image: priestess.jpg]

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