Pope Leo XIII 's Vision & Prayer Against Satan & his Apostate Host
(07-18-2013, 06:19 AM)Scriptorium Wrote:
(07-18-2013, 02:06 AM)Militaris Christi Wrote: As far as the vision of  Pope Leo XIII,  it was reported in Church publications several times.  I doubt that the Cardinals who reported this vision were lying.

Do you have any citations? Are there any accounts of this vision which are contemporary?
We know. Another fake talking point for the traditionalists.  :eyeroll:
(07-18-2013, 08:25 PM)JMartyr Wrote: We know. Another fake talking point for the traditionalists.  :eyeroll:

Just asking the question, since I've always wondered about it. Sorry if you're disappointed.
(07-18-2013, 09:46 AM)DustinsDad Wrote: Militaris Christi - looks like we are in agreement.

It appears to me that the prayer in question can be prayed privately by a layperson as a layperson. I certainly wasn't speaking of the charismatics doing their ''thing''. Not at all!

Also, there is a line in the prayer - ''...and, powerful in the holy authority of our ministry...'' that the laity can't say. A couple of other distinctions are noted in the missal for layfolks private usage/devotion.


      You understand precisely.    That line "and, powerful in the holy authority of our ministry"  can only be said licitly by a priest who has the permission of  the local ordinary, or if he is the local ordinary.  The permission  allows the priest to say a public solemn exorcism,  an official rite.  He prays then with the full authority of the Catholic Church,  the Mystical Body of Christ.  He is then governed by the rules of either the old rite of exorcism or the new rite.

        There is no reason for the CDF  to make a clarification because it has been made in Cardinal Ratzinger's letter in 1985.  People quote a partial sentence referencing this letter when the whole sentence should be made:

From these prescriptions it follows, therefore, that no member of the Christian faithful can use the
formula of exorcism against Satan and fallen angels, extracted from that which was made law by
Leo XIII, and even less are the able to use the entire text for exorcism. Bishops are to bring this
to the attention of the faithful as it is deemed necessary.

  "From these prescriptions it follows,"  but what prescriptions?  The prescriptions of Canon 1172 is what  Cardinal Ratzinger is making clear.

    Lay people,  in  a prayer meeting as a priest looked on (a priest that probably opened the service with a prayer)  read the text of  this prayer to people believed to be possessed in a manner that mocked  a  lawful exorcist priest.  They  initiated a two way conversation with a demon by questioning him; but had no authority to do so.    With no lawful  authority or power  in regards  to possessed people they literally in a direct manner,  because the demon manifested speaking through the possessed,  commanded  the demon to go to Hell.  Bad move!

      Some of the people were mentally ill and not possessed.  They were harmed greatly because the delusion of possesion was reenforced by these so-called lay deliverance ministers.  When the people were possessed  the demon played along with them only pretending to leave then coming back soon afterwards.  Sometimes    the lay deliverance minister was even possessed.

        That is why  Cardinal Ratzinger spelled it out so clearly.

      And for what it is worth,  I  believe personally that we should let priests  conduct  minor exorcisms on people.  Even if a priest doesn't have the Bishop's mandate  he is endowed by Holy Orders  to be able to say minor exorcisms.

        I know some of the rules of usage of  deliverance prayers.  It is of little use for me to discuss this because you must learn from a priest. 

      But  saying  this prayer  after the Rosary as a part of  private prayer life is certainly licit.

        The  Cardinals who witnessed  Pope Leo XIII as he had his vision or private revelation  I have no reason to doubt them.  This matter was made known by them.  I had the history of their publications  with references but until  I  get it off the old hard drive,  I am  put back.

Pax,  in the Hearts of  Jesus and Mary,
Militaris Christi



    I know  Pope Leo XIII's secretary published the account of  the Holy Father's  private revelation in the 1940's  while he was alive.  I remember that much.    I can email someone who is familiar with this and  I will.

      Regardless,  the prayers the Holy Father composed are some of the most beautiful and elegant  I have ever read or heard.

      I  do understand the cautious position of  people  because  I skirted around this issue. 

      But remember this,  possession,  true possession is by all accounts rare.  Should anyone in your family  react to this prayer,  a most unlikely possibility,  then you must stop praying and contact your parish priest.    I believe you would have noticed this unlikely occurrence though.

        I seem to have used up a lot of space in my last post, sorry.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

        I fear that I was too quirt or sharp in this thread.  I apologize if  I offended anyone.  The very topic of spiritual warfare is in a confused state.  This forum is renown for  its orthodox Catholic views & also  the defense of such views.  There is a dearth of knowledge concerning the theology and traditions related to  Catholic Spiritual Warfare.  I am attempting to provide a link to what was once a free Ebook download written by a Franciscan Abbot named  Rev.  Dominic Syzmanski,  a  one time companion of St. Kolbe,  Father Dominic co-founded  Marytown, the national shrine dedicated to St. Kolbe and also brought  St. Kolbe's movement,  the Militia of the Immaculata, to the USA.    Abbots are Ordinaries.    Abbots rule over their monasteries & order's property just as a Diocesan Bishop does.  Only the Diocesan Bishop can expel an order from his diocese.   

        This being the case Abbots can appoint exorcists or can perform exorcisms.  Father Dominic was an exorcist  who died in 1951.  His notes concerning exorcisms that he penned in 1944 were found sometime before 1973.  If you can remember in 1971 the Holy Order of the Minor Rite of Exorcist was no longer conferred during priestly ordinations.  The theology and practices concerning exorcisms were no longer taught in seminaries.  His notes were published in a series of articles in Immaculata.  Many consider these notes to be a God send at a time when many doubted the devil exists so what is the point of exorcism.    This is written very well and is easy to understand.  It is also composed way before VC II, as if that has anything to do with the errors of modernism & humanism prevail over sound judgement. 


Editors Note (1974 from A Notebook About the Devil & Exorcism by Rev. Dominic Syzmanski): “The Truth  About the Devil” was published as a series of articles in  Immaculata from May through December, 1973.  It was written by the late Fr. Dominic Syzmanski (d. 1951), the founder of Marytown, the national shrine of St. Padre Maximillion Kolbe.  Fr. Dominic was assisted journalistically by Fr. Jerome Palmer,  O.S.B.,  then editor of the Grail, St. Meinrad, Ind., and presently Director of the Secular Oblates of  St. Benedict in the USA,  Fr. Dominic was pastor of St. Anthony Church, Rockford, Ill. At the time and had for years been active as an exorcist.  He would admit to friends that he had the gift of detecting Satan’s presence, which he saw as a small blue light.

      The manuscript for “The Truth about the Devil” was found recently in a trunk containing Father Dominic’s personal effects that had been stored away after his death. In view of the outbreak of Satanism and of public interest in exorcism, its importance could never be greater.


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