PDF on the history/decline of Gregorian Chant
Hello my fellow dwellers of the tank.  Perhaps you can help find this elusive document.

I remember a few months ago someone made a post discussing or lamenting the decline of Gregorian chant in the Church.  I don't remember reading a portion of a document which discussed the history of chant.  It first stated chant had been declining in the United States for some time before the Council, then it went on to describe what went on in the late 1800s with the revival of Solme, and then some stuff about the fact that alot of the Gregorian chants are still not collected (the Liber Usualis actually being pretty basic).  I'm pretty sure this was a document written within the last few years because I seem to remember it being a PDF with modern, perhaps poorly done, typesetting and fonts.  It wasn't a PDF of an older book which had been scanned like some of the documents available on Musica Sacra's website.

If anybody remembers that post of linked PDF thingamajig please respond to this post.  I've spent about an hour trying to Google this thing done and I just can't remember enough specifics to do it.

Thank you. 

I'd contact Una Voce and ask if they can help. They had a speaker giving a talk on Gregorian Chant today at a local parish. The folks at New Liturgical Movement may help as well.

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