Plea to Priests/Seminarians Who Came to Tradition via FishEaters
(06-22-2014, 03:26 PM)HammerOfHeretics Wrote: I am entering the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. I know they aren't a "traditional" group in sense of FSSP or ICK but the young men entering are most definitely on the traditional side of the spectrum. I will be a Postulant starting Aug. 23rd in Brooklyn.

Congratulations.  Good for you!

Trads tend to forget that the Gospel is traditional.  I appreciate that order's emphasis on the Gospel.
Having been active here every now and then - not much lately - this probably fits under the heading.

Remembering Cardinal Newman's words to the fathers at the Birmingham Oratory...

"I would beg for you this privilege, that the public world might never know you for praise or for blame, that you should do a good deal of hard work in your generation and prosecute many useful labours, and effect a number of religious purposes, and send many souls to heaven, and take men by surprise, how much you were really doing, when they happened to come near enough to see it; but that by the world you should be overlooked, that you should not be known out of your place, that you should work for God alone with a pure heart and single eye, without the distraction of human applause, and should make Him your sole hope and His eternal heaven your sole aim, and have your reward not partly here, but fully and entirely hereafter."

...I am always reluctant to post about myself but here goes:
Dom Hamberg,  May God bless you.

Oh, Father Hamberg! This post got by me --- and what a WONDERFUL post it is! Thank you so, SO much for keeping me updated! This is thrilling! God bless you --- and will you bless us? Will you bless this apostolate?

I'm so happy :)

A kiss to your hand!

Our illustrious leader suggested I post here.

Ever since I was very little, I've felt a vocation to give my life to God.  I didn't know how that would look, but I wanted to do something as a priest, brother, missionary, monk, something where my entire life is centered around Christ.  When I was very little, I used to walk around in one of my dad's large shirts, and pretend I was a priest in a cassock, or in a monastic habit.

This forum helped me tremendously.  It was a great struggle for me to finally, officially join the Roman Catholic Church.  After joining, and leaving the schismatic Byzantine church behind me, I noticed a lot of garbage going on in the Novus Ordo parishes I would worship at with my friends.  FishEaters taught me that I'm not crazy for appreciating tradition.

As I entered college, I realized more and more that I want a life devoted to God.  I spent time with active Dominican and Franciscan friars, but I didn't find my vocation with them.  One of the largest issues, for me, was their mass.  It was all Novus Ordo, and with the Dominicans, there was not even any kneeling at all in the pews.  Anyway, the way mass was performed was a big deal for me.  Though the NO masses I heard were just as valid, if I'm going to spend the rest of my life in a place, I'd love it to have a beautiful mass.

The I stumbled across the community with which I'm seriously discerning.  They are enclosed Carmelite monks.  Their way of life is just what I feel called to.  Their mass is the Carmelite rite, very similar to the Tridentine mass.  Most things in Church are in Latin, and I absolutely love it. 

They practice a real and ancient asceticism.  With the other communities I visited with, I noticed that their mass was modernized, and so was their way of life, to a certain extent.  The monastic life I experience in Carmel is very similar to what I became used to in the Eastern Orthodox monastery, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I am actually preparing to apply to the community.  I'm so happy, and I really feel that this place is my home.  Though I have only been officially Catholic since february, I've been Eastern Orthodox for the last seven years (wishing I was Catholic!) and I've felt drawn to this sort of life.  I'm taking things slow, and the doors seem to keep opening for me.  My mother is supportive, and now I am trying to decide whether or not I'll continue school after next year or enter Carmel (if I'm accepted!)

It's thanks to FishEaters, in large part, that I'm on the way to realizing my vocation. 

Please pray for me!

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Reposting this here (editing out some small errors), with permission from Vox.

Hi Tracy, I'm a young Catholic who got confirmed on the last Easter Vigil. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Denmark.

I want to thank you. Overcoming with God's grace (and a catholic friends infinitely patient responses) my protestant fears about Catholicism, I started falling in love with the Catholic Church, at least as it appeared in older books and in the writings of the saints. Eventually I decided to look closer into it, and eventually decided to join.

Surviving spiritually a horrible RCIA class and getting introduced to the New Mass sort of disillusioned me. It left me wondering what had happened to Catholicism, which confused me. I guess I powered on and became what you call a conservative Catholic: The Church leadership currently approves of this, ergo this must all be the will and delight of God.

I had an ever increasingly hard time squaring that with the Catholicism as presented prior to 1962. However the only alternative I could find, as presented by many Traditional Catholic websites, appeared to be fumingly angry, judgement-day-is-coming, conspiracy mongering (I don't mind conspiracy theories per se, but there's a difference between grounded suspicion and delusional conspiracy thinking), and slightly schismatic (if not outrightly so and sedevacantists) people. Plus some traditionalist teachings can be a little scary when approached at first, so I was a little hesitant in the beginning.

Your site has been instrumental in cleaning out the gunk I've been taught and encouraging me about it instead, and showing how its not only possible to be a traditional, but its the right thing to be.

Originally I read your website as just "another trad" website out there. Then I noticed the post you had about toxic "tradionalists" as a warning before entering your discussion forum. After reading that I went back and... more or less devoured your website. In that post you told me more or less that yes there were bad traditionalists, which my intuition and common sense told me, but since I knew you were a traditionalist there must be a better understanding of it than what I had received so far.

I participated in a Traditional Mass for the first time on the Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was arranged by a small group of traditionalists in the city I lived. I've never really stopped thinking about it afterwards, and I don't think I have to explain to you why. From now on I want to participate in it as often as possible.

In Denmark though that's going to be fairly infrequent, a couple of time per year for now... if I move to the capitol I'd be able to go twice per month. For now I make due with the New Mass in the local parish.

I also want you to know that you've emboldened me in seeking out a traditional religious vocation, as well as perhaps priesthood. I've found a couple of communities that celebrate the traditional mass daily, and live according to the rules of their orders. I hope and pray that I get accepted, and I'm working diligently to achieve that end.

I hope its not too much to ask for you to pray for me about this? Its not a small thing to ask of God to be allowed to serve him like that, and even more to ask to do it well. However if it happened I would remember you, and everyone who's prayed for me and pray for their intentions. If I became a priest I'd bring those intentions to mass as often as I could.

Thank you again Tracy, God is clearly working with you as an instrument. I thought many of the things that made Catholicism truly awesome were like a party that had ended by the time I joined.

A young Catholic, Leonhard.

P.S: I will pray for you and, and remember you when receiving communion.
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I am currently discerning the priesthood. Almost threw it out once until I saw FishEaters.

Hope this counts.

(09-11-2014, 10:17 AM)Neopelagianus Wrote: I am currently discerning the priesthood. Almost threw it out once until I saw FishEaters.

Hope this counts.


Oh, boy, that counts! Gosh... I LOVE posts like these last two!!!  Thank You, Jesus!


You already know me very well, I rejoice in your friendship, and you know what I desire. Just to make it "formal", however, I will say now: I am going to become a priest some day. My face is "set toward Jerusalem" - come Heaven or High Water. It will take a long time because I am inadequate, unworthy, proud, and immature - but I have great faith that God will make this come to pass, primarily by letting me pass through purgation and purification.

Fisheaters has been absolutely essential to this discernment. It is, in fact, mostly because of FE and its loving community that I have found some strength to grasp hold of my conviction.. Without the constant presence of the posters here expressing their deep appreciation and desperate need for holy priests, the holy Mass, the other sacraments, and the holy Mother Church, I would not have had as strong a desire to be a priest. In a sense it has been like a voice crying out in the wilderness, for me.

Truly, if this is in God's plan, I will be a "FE Priest", for it shall proceed from this awesome forum...

Wow, the above post has been sitting there for a long time now -- and I missed it! Locked threads do that to people! Anyway, what a stupendous post! I really wish all "my" priests and religious would send me a pic, a little bio, and updates! My "My Priest" scrapbook isn't as full as it should be! :P

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