A fetish religion.
So, Islam is a fetish religion.  Islam has what they call the 5 pillars of Islam.  If a Muslim does each of these 5 things, then he receives his just rewards,

Here is a wiki link to them


each of these is what I would consider a fetish.  Here is the definition of fetish:

Definition of fetish (n)
Bing Dictionary
fet·ish[ féttish ]
magical object: something, especially an inanimate object, that is revered or worshiped because it is believed to have magical powers or be animated by a spirit
object of obsession: an object, idea, or activity that somebody is irrationally obsessed with or attached to
object arousing sexual desire: something that arouses sexual excitement in somebody, e.g. an inanimate object or nonsexual part of the body

So, I started this thread based on Geremia's thread about DE DEFECTIBUS

It's something I learned long ago and am grateful for the refresher in reading it again.

But here is my question, with a preface.

I remember after the first world trade center bombing, some people I spoke to wanted to just nuke Mecca and Medina, thereby making it impossible for Muslims to earn salvation.  Given the 5 pillars, it seems perfectly reasonable, no?

So, it gets me to thinking.  Consider this.  30 of us lay Catholics are orbiting the earth in the ISS.  And suddenly, WW3 breaks out, and the entire planet is made unfit for human survival for thousands of years.  Everyone dies.  Except for us in the ISS.  And lets further suppose, we do have the supplies on hand to head to the moon, build an eco sphere, harvest water, gorw food, etc etc.. 

But we FOGOT to bring grape seeds!  Or Wheat seeds!  and of course we have no bishops with us or even a priest. 

So, the long and the short of this thought experiment is this.  Earth is gone forever.  We have no more grapes or Wheat.  We have no priests or bishops.  But with 30 of us, we can continue to make more humans and thrive.

What does DE DEFECTIBUS have to say about that?  What does the Church have to say about that?

And this leads me also to question, are some of us making Catholicism into a fetish religion just like Islam?

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