Ugly Churches
Let's put it this way... my 8 year old with autism will never fail to identify a traditional-looking church as "church". She's looking over my shoulder as I scroll through, and she hasn't said one word about the pictures of churches in this thread.
(07-13-2014, 04:45 PM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: I often wonder if ancient Romans would scoff at medieval Gothic Churches as unsightly like we see these today.  Then again, I guess medieval architects built upon theories of the Romans and Greeks, whereas modern man makes what he pleases.

Given that the spirit of modern architecture is essentially to make the world ugly so that it honestly matches the ugliness of the modern human soul, I don't think that would be. Artistic modernism is literally evil.
Any building that houses the Blessed Sacrament cannot be considered ugly... the true beauty is in our Lord in the Tabernacle... the rest is just man-made whimsy.  I bet there were plenty back in the day who thought the flying buttresses of Chartres were a modern nightmare

Well....I thought they were all ugly and downright bizarre.  They all seem like modern art sort of architecture that doesn't appeal to me, and  in the effort to be different, they end up ridiculous.
All of those are grotesque and nightmarish! It's astounding to me that the various dioceses and archdioceses actually paid for and had those consecrated for use as Churches or Cathedrals. Those are not representative of the Catholic Faith, they are monstrosities vomited up from some Tim Burton film or something. Sadly, these will be used for a long time. I tell you what, had I been interested in Catholicism and came across a "church" like the ones above in my town I'd have turned away and rejected the Catholic Faith just based on the building. The temple of God should look like a temple of God. The men who built those hideous buildings do not share the same faith; it's written on the faces of those hellish structures for all the world to see. Those designs aren't even worthy of a bank or a courthouse much less a Church.

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