Something I've long wanted to do
Publish short, easy-to-read pamphlets for free distribution at Mass.  They'd be brief articles written to remind/inform readers about various things that they may not have known and really should know--subjects would include how to determine whether (and how) someone should receive Communion, how to pray, what's going on at Benediction, and how (and how often) to make a good Confession. 

I often get the impression at my parish that most people's knowledge of Catholicism and Catholic practices has rusted, and besides it would be good information for people going to a funeral or wedding who don't usually go to Mass.
That sounds like a good idea. There's so many Catholics that never really learned how to make a good confession. It would be cool you could get an imprimatur and nihil obstat from a sympathetic bishop.
Sounds like a good idea.  I'm not sure you would even need an imprimatur for something like that, but the permission of your pastor who could read it over. 

Some more ideas:  what is the Mass?  how to prepare for Mass, etiquette during Mass, the Real Presence, the Four Last Things, what is modernism/liberalism?  a list of traditional Catholic customs.

Go for it Dark Lancer! 

I've seen pamphlets exactly like those on the Lighthouse Catholic Media stands before.  Perhaps you could look into that?
Our Lady of the Rosary offers alot of pamphlets and handouts like this for just pennies a piece.  You could order a bunch and set them out at your church if they allow you to do this.

They are all traditional items they sell. I know our FSSP church uses items from them from time to time.  Some really neat things that these folks carry. 

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