Merry Christmas, Fishies!
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I know it's early to be posting Christmas wishes, but I should be pretty busy in the next few days and don't want to miss wishing everyone a most blessed and very merry Christmas!  And I just can not forget the annual posting of the Mr. Bean and the Creche video. I don't want anyone to get out of the Advent spirit too soon, but I'd be bummed if Christmas Day were to come and go and I didn't wish you all a happy Christmas properly and fulfill the FishEaters Mr. Brean tradition. So, here it is...

Mr. Bean and the Nativity Scene

And while I'm at it, here's another festive video, one St. Francis would like:

(I used to have a kitty, named Cece (Italian for "Chickpea") who looked just like the moustachioed cat in that video!)

In that vein, I can't resist sharing an old postcard of cats serving up some figgy pudding. I mean, come on! KITTIES and FIGGY PUDDING!:

[Image: christmas2014.jpg]

And I also like to point out this page every year -- a page on the Christmas Truce that took place during the Great War:  (caution: there is embedded sound on that page. It is gentle, though, and quite beautiful! By the way, that page is 100% accurate. I got the information about what gifts they exchanged from having read old letters some soldiers wrote about the incident. Even the phase of the Moon depicted is accurate LOL).

I hope I'm not forgetting anything! In any case, I do wish you all a most beautiful and holy Christmas, one with a lot of merriness, too! Have a great twelve days! May you all have family or friends to celebrate with, and may the peace of Our Lord -- Our most Beautiful, Precious Lord -- be with you and yours, and may you have a rich and fulfilling new year to follow -- a year that is fruitful and brings you ever closer to Jesus!

I thank all of you for coming to visit FishEaters, and I especially thank all who subscribe or otherwise donate, and those of you who post interesting things to get or keep conversations going. You are what makes the forum work and keep FishEaters on the internet, and I love you all for it. God bless you guys :)



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