Special Visit for the Homeless
The Office of Papal Charities has organized a special visit to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel for a group of 150 homeless people.
On Thursday, March 26th, through the initiative of the Papal Almoner Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the artistic treasures of the Vatican Museums will be opened up to poor, who usually only see the steps of the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square.
The visit is set for the early afternoon. After arriving at the Petrine entrance, the guests will be divided into three groups for guided tours. Before arriving at the Museums, the groups will enjoy a privileged visit to grounds of Vatican City, passing by the Casa Santa Marta and behind the apse of Saint Peter’s Basilica.
Their first stop in the Museums will be at the newly re-arranged Pavilion of the Carriages, where historical papal carriages and automobiles are on display. Afterwards, the groups will visit the Gallery of the Candelabra and the Gallery of the Maps on their way to the Sistine Chapel. The viewing of Michelangelo’s masterpiece will be a private showing, reserved solely for the guests of the Papal Almoner; the Chapel will be closed to the public during the visit.
Finally, after the explanation by the guides and a common prayer, the group will be treated to a dinner hosted by the Office of Papal Charities.

Pope Francis made a surprise appearance to greet the 150 homeless people who were given a special tour of the Sistine Chapel on March 26.

The Pope greeted each of the guests individually, and asked for their prayers. “I’m in need of prayers by people like you,” he said.

Pope Francis on Sunday invited members of Rome's homeless community to join volunteers in handing out copies of the Gospel to pilgrims in Saint Peter's Square, a reminder of how God's Word is found among the poorest of society.

“Even in this we see a very beautiful gesture, which pleases Jesus,” the Pope said, moments after leading the crowds in the recitation of the Angelus on March 22: “those most in need are those who give us the word of God.”

The volunteers, who included homeless persons living on the streets of Rome, handed out small copies of the Gospel in Italian to those who had braved the chilly and wet morning to come and pray with the Holy Father. Meanwhile the Roman Pontiff reiterated the importance of always carrying a copy of the Scriptures to read throughout the day.


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