Coolest Place in Rome Italy for conversion
So I have a family member. A cousin who is ripe for conversion to the faith. We have been praying and she is moving in that direction. Green Scapulars about and intercessory prayers have been intensely prayed numerous times over several years.

She is going to Europe, by herself with strangers on a young people tour.

Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and Rome are on the itinerary.

Now I know everything in God's time...... but there are sometimes certain places that are a bit more special in the way of the faith, that is some places just scream, Truth, Catholicity, Convert! more than others.

Anyone have suggestions at where she should go in above cities? Especially London, Paris and Rome as she will have roughly 3 days per place. The rest are a bit transitory.

She was especially fond of the idea of going to St. Peter's (her idea) but I am thinking more in the area of off the beaten path or little known  treasured places. Chapels, monasteries, places where miracles have happened.

Any Thoughts?
Hmmm, how about the cave of Saint Michael the Archangel near the shrine of Padre Pio
That sounds fun.
The London Oratory would be one good place. It was started by Fr. Faber, who wrote the lyrics to many wonderful English Catholic hymns.

The chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, which has next to it the cemetery where the Blessed Martyrs of Compiègne are buried.

Rome, not sure, if I were to go there I'd probably hit the main sites and spend the rest of my time there eating.
Westminster Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
Lisbon Cathedral
Notre Dame, Paris
St. Nicholas du Chardonnet
Saint Etienne du Mont
Sacre Cour, Montmatre

London Oratory would be on my list.
In Rome, off the beaten track, Santa Maria della Pace, in Villa Tevere. Beautiful church.
Oh yes, and definitely Santa Maria in Trastevere!
In Lisbon there is the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, which is a bit of a national treasure of Portugal, and is, albeit the sacking it went trough in the liberal revolution, consecrated to Our Lady; also, you might find the patriarch over there. There's also the Basilica da Estrela. Don't know how their Masses are, though--I suppose at the Monastery its a bit more sober.

In Paris there's the Cathedral, obviously, but also Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, which is not a shabby Church at all and is in the possession of the SSPX—so, good Mass guaranteed. I kinda regret not going there.

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