Need some help here...please.
(07-24-2015, 11:43 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: That's good that you've explored various options and are beginning to see where your heart really lies. Sometimes we have to set off like the prodigal son and give it a go elsewhere before coming back to realize that what we had was right and good all along. It's kind of sappy but when I first went back to the TLM after almost a year of shifting between being a home aloner or an Orthodox Christian even something as simple as hearing the filioque in the Creed brought tears to my eyes. There was a sense of home coming, of feeling like, while the East has much to be commended, my home was the West all along.

I have not given up my preference for icons over statues, for the Jesus prayer over the rosary and for St Dionysius or Dumitru Staniloae over Aquinas or Robert Bellarmine, but I am at home right here in the West.

That sense of something being " off" about Western Orthodoxy was probably because it is something basically fabricated and pieced together by high church Anglicans who wanted something of the Western patrimony without anything of the Tridentine Reform or the papacy. I can't say it's been a totally failed project but it's not organic. There's still an interest in Sarum amongst some ACC members, mostly in England, and if I recall correctly there's a decent WRO church in Denver. Still, this stuff is more the noble fantasy of academics and dreamers than anything else. It's kind of cool for an intellectual hobby but not sure if anything more will come of it.

Right.I understand. I like both icons and statues. And other certain Eastern things I can definitely appreciate, although I'm pretty firm that I personally prefer the Western traditions and practices and such.

As to the WR, there was a pretty good parish in Washington DC as well. But I'm mostly inclined to agree. To actually "reconstruct" the ancient Masses is far easier said than done. And there's some weird forced alterations too. Plus the WR people seem to be focused on all the wrong things. They have enough trouble being accepted by the rest of the Orthodox and instead of working on that, they'd rather play dress up with 10 different tweaked liturgies. They need to get their priorities straight first.

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