A Question For Sexually Continent Men?
Are there any other sexually continent men here? If so for how long? I asked, because I’m curious if it has gotten any easer for you. I have been continent for a while now and I can say at least in my case it has gotten much easer as time has passed. The toughest aspect for me was the temptation to look at impure images and the thoughts they would engender and would inevitable lead me to self-abuse. I really struggled with that one for sometime. It really didn’t help that, where ever I looked, in our overly sexualized media there was a half-naked women looking back at me.

What I can tell you is that It has been one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s truly remarkable really. I never would have dreamed that it could be this wonderful. I was so brainwashed by my culture that If I didn’t want to have sex with every girl I saw that there was something terrible wrong with me. I wasted so much time forcing myself to try to be something I wasn’t. I had no idea I was being lied to by the world and convinced that a normal man should be wanting sex all the time. It is really shocking how wonderful it feels to be free.
It takes grace and heroic virtue when you're young. It gets easier as you get older for a couple of reasons: one, you associate sex and love more, as they're supposed to be, so having sex without love becomes unthinkable. And your body usually calms down as you age.

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