8 Things to Do and 5 Things to not Do for a Traditional Catholic Christmas
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8 Things to Do and 5 Things to not Do for a Traditional Catholic Christmas

As we near the great feast of Our Redeemer Jesus’ birth, we need to constantly remind ourselves to not get swept up into the gift buying frenzy that the world is caught up in.  We know who the Gift is; Jesus, the Only Son of our Heavenly Father.

Many people will have time off from work and school in these coming days.  How will we use this down time?

1) Keep very focused on the Reason for the Season, Jesus’ birth.

2) Plan out the time for the important things of Prayer, Holy Confession and Holy Latin Mass.

3) Do something for the poor, sick and lonely.

4) Relax and enjoy time with family members and friends

5) Keep things simple and easy.

6) Put Love into everything you do for God and others in this holy time.

7) Take time to teach children about how and why Jesus was born.

8) Sing and listen to some Catholic Christmas carols.

Here are some reminders what Christmas is not about.

1) Christmas is not about receiving gifts.

2) Christmas is not about food.

3) Christmas is especially not about sports and TV.

4) Christmas is not necessarily about being with people.

5) Christmas is not about drinking alcohol.

Many people become depressed at this time of the year because they miss the people who have died or they will be alone on Christmas.  No one ever has to be alone on Christmas.  The “Reason for the Season” is waiting for you in the tabernacle of every Catholic church.  If for some reason you will be alone, go to be with Jesus on His birthday before the Blessed Sacrament.

Let us forget about ourselves being happy and reach out to those who may find this time lonely and difficult.  There are many free dinners for the poor where someone can go and help out and be with wonderful giving people.  If not, you can put on a meal for them or bake some cookies for them.

Never feel sorry for yourself at this time of the year or live in the past.  The celebration of Jesus’ birthday is spiritual and ever made present.  The Angels said it well; “Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, that shall be to all the people:” Luke 2:10-11.

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