Liturgical abuse?
So I went to my local midnight NO mass. I found one thing particularly peculiar.

Behind the altar sat a local religious education teacher, wearing a white robe, similar to an altar boy. Okay, I thought, maybe there were no altar boys available.
Then the communion of the priest came. The priest split the Host in half, consumed the first half and gave the second half to the man I mentioned above. The man took it in his hand and consumed it. Then, after the priest drank from the chalice, the priest gave the chalice to the man to drink from it and he did. Afterwards, that man distributed communion.

I was appalled, it's as if this man was a concelebrating priest. Now, is it possible this man was a deacon?  If he was, are deacons allowed to participate in the communion of the priest? I know for a fact that he is not a priest.

This just made me doubt the NO even more. I mean, the mass lasted 45 minutes, there was no Confiteor at the beginning, the singing lasted 30 minutes, 5 minutes of homily and maybe 10ish minutes of actual prayer. I really fail to see how this singing and chanting and uttering several sentences can fulfill one's Sunday obligation. I fail to see how God can even be pleased by this rite. I just felt sad.
I'm no expert and I don't know about the communion question. I do know that in the NO, the confiteor may be replaced by the Kyrie usually. I also know that the obligation to attend mass has nothing to do with the homily, the homily should be kept short and sweet, we are not protestants who go to church just to hear someone preach. It is my understanding that the homily may even be skipped at times. I don't quite understand what you would define as "actual prayer", the entire mass is a prayer, even the hymns and psalms we sing are prayers on their own. Many protestants would say the same as you regarding the "chanting and singing and uttering several sentences" in the TLM. The prayers and songs by themselves are worth almost nothing in comparison to the Sacrifice of Eucharist, that's why we go to mass, the rest is just accessory.
I didn't mind the homily, I was just stating how much time different parts took up.

Quote:The prayers and songs by themselves are worth almost nothing in comparison to the Sacrifice of Eucharist
My point exactly.

What I mean by actual prayer is just compare how much the priest prays in the TLM and NO. I'm sorry, I don't think singing something like 'Jesus I love you' or saying glory be to God and then singing Jesus i love you is even remotely comparable to the Judica me and 3 Confiteors. Let's not even mention the Mass of the faithful.
I do not think that we obtain any kind of grace by responding to the priest, that is simply not the point. I think God would be much happier if we all just prayed the rosary during mass. I think we cannot, in good faith, accept this minimalistic approach to prayer at mass. I do not think that when I respond 'dignum et justum est' I make God happy. Seeing that man basically concelebrating mass with the priest was simply a tipping point for me.
He could have been a deacon, or an instituted acolyte.  It's appropriate for the priest to give them communion first after he himself receives, before distributing to the faithful, and is permissible for a deacon or instituted acolyte to assist with distribution of communion.
Normally I go to an FSSP parish for Mass but its almost 2 hours away. The traffic was horrible these past two days with lots of accidents. Then the fog set in so we opted to go to our old OF parish. I had almost forgotten how bad things had gotten. Boy, last night pretty well cured me of ever wanting to go Of ever again. Talk about ad-libbing through the Mass.


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