Confessions of a Lapsed Atheist
(03-22-2016, 12:26 PM)BC Wrote: ^Jewish Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat) could not resist such an easy opportunity for mocking Christ, to the scandal of all who
unfortunately and mistakenly see the above as a legitimate expression of "Christianity."

Good point. 

Was he mocking, were the Pentecostals mocking, or were both of them wrong?
Well I think he was directly making a mockery of them and indirectly of Christ, who they were attempting to invoke.

I think the Pentecostals are all kinds of wrong, but they are not consciously mocking Christ.  I am not sure if they were aware or not that "Borat" was
insincere.  Perhaps they were aware he was making fun of them and they were half-way playing along though....
(03-21-2016, 05:46 PM)BC Wrote: "Evangelical Christianity"  (actually "non-denominational" Protestantism") has probably put more intelligent, serious Atheists off from belief in God more than anything else-that and liberal Catholicism.

Truly it is an embarrassing, shallow spectacle; far removed from any imaginings of the sacral and solemn character of Christ and the Apostles.

False, and exaggerated smiles, loud-in-your-face confrontational showing off how much faith they have, contemporary rock music on stages they call "altars" jumping around with their hand waving.  "Preachers" in business suits or casual wear pacing back and forth without a hint of meekness or humility in their voices or demeanor.  The obvious disconnect between the whole culture and tone with anything resembling historic and Apostolic Christianity. Nothing resembling holiness or the sublime.

Although some Atheists do end up converting to non-denominational Protestantism, which is strange.

I tend to agree. I didn't think much of non-denominational Christianity, but lately I've been reading, hearing and observing, and it's a rather shallow defense for God and Christianity in general. I cringe when I see people raise their hands, close their eyes and swing their bodies side to side lightly when they're at a Christian rock/indie concert. Good grief. It;s so, I don't know, contrived. Hey, awesome you believe in God, but put some philosophical meat behind it why don't ya. Their attempt to make it modern through song (and it's always with an acoustic guitar) is painfully embarrassing.
(03-20-2016, 12:58 AM)GangGreen Wrote:
(03-19-2016, 11:34 AM)ermy_law Wrote: For me personally, my disdain for Christianity was rooted in two things: (1) the ridiculousness of evangelical Christianity manifested mostly in its emotionalism and (2) a rebellion against the majority view.

With #1, I do tend to think that evangelical Christianity definitely does not help the cause. Whenever you hear some ridiculous thing that someone who claims to a Christian says or does, it's almost always an evangelical (or at the bare minimum a Protestant). Just recently there was a guy who allowed a lion to attack him because he thought that the lion would stand down because God gives man dominion over all animals. These are the kinds of ridiculous things we have to contend with.  It also doesn't help when people who are considering Christianity see the Catholic Church as this weak and broken institution with effeminate priests, added with the sex abuse scandals and whatever else. The Orthodox isn't even on the radar of the average Westerner and then you're left with Protestantism. 

With #2, I've always laughed at this one when atheists talk about it. Sure the majority of people in the US call themselves Christian or at least say they believe in a God, but how many of them actually live in a way that reflects their belief? Most people who call themselves Christians are practical atheists/agnostics.  When it comes to younger people, many say they're Christian just to not upset their parents. It's a mess. Modern culture is completely structured around secular atheism. However, atheists still tend to think that they're rebels of some sort... Devout Christians, if anything,are the true rebels of the area. Atheists are no different than the rest of the crowd.

bold: Though I'm not equating Steve Jobs with God (though his fanboys might), it's like him telling iPhone users that they're hold the device wrong.

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