National Post: In Canada, Adhering to church doctrine depends on who you ask!
Sad but true.  All  here know that no longer do we speak in unity as a universal church... but does the Holy Father and his contentious stated positions allow for actions left to the interpretation of the end user? To many in Canada, it appears so.

I must stop reading the comments in secular wonder how much longer such outrage will be tolerated....
Not surprising. Canada is, after all, home of the Revolution Tranquille and Winnipeg Statement. Orthodoxy isn't our strong suit.

That being said, is euthanasia in Canada actually a sin for the person that dies? They are actually euthanized here - injected with a drug via IV that stops the heart. It's not really suicide as much as consensual homicide, where in places like Oregon the patient actually has to take the drug orally themselves (the true definition of "assisted suicide", where the tools are provided to the person to kill themselves instead of being killed by a physician).

Is that the same thing? I've always wondered that.
Sounds like a vaguely familiar issue.  From the article:

Quote:“It can be profoundly disturbing if you’re a devout Catholic to be getting really different messages in Quebec, in Ottawa, in Alberta, in the Northwest Territories,” she said. “There doesn’t seem to be a national stance on this issue.”

Replace Quebec and Alabama, Ottawa with Virginia, Alberta with Michigan, and the Northwest Territories with Oklahoma and it sounds even more familiar.  Confusion has become an international phenomenon. 

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