54 Incredible photos of Saint Therese of Lisieux taken by her sister, Celine
From Aleteia:

"Everyone loves Saint Therese of Lisieux (and she makes quite an impression on the heroine of our serialized novel, Rachel’s Contrition, too!). These photos of a saint so particularly beloved were taken from the camera of her sister, Celine, and they include images of all of the Martin sisters in the Lisieux Carmel, and Mother Gonzaga, as well!"

More here, including the pictures:


Here are my personal favorites:

[Image: 17191496_771743272990325_878347237780094...e=596DA657]

[Image: 17201167_771743946323591_201751631043388...e=592EF2E8]

[Image: 17203067_771745102990142_547322143329579...e=5925D20A]
Really cool!
It's so rare to see actual pictures of the saints, sometimes I almost forget that they were real people and not just a bunch of icons on the wall. I'm so glad we have modern saints like Therese and Padre Pio that we can see pictures of them.

I love the pictures where she is hugging the cross and the ones where she's dressed as St. Joan of Ark

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