A bit overwhelmed with where to start: Recommended Practices for Beginners
You are all awesome! Thank you so much for the encouragement, recommended practices/reading, and keeping me in your thoughts.

bryanreynolds: My husband is also taking this step with me so at the very least we have one another to bounce ideas/experiences off one another. I also live right next to a Church so I'm pretty sure once I get up the nerve (I'm a bit socially anxious LOL) I'll be over there frequently. I love ritualism in religion, and I've watched a few Masses online in the last few days so I'm now excited to see it in person. It's a beautiful ritual/service.

formerbuddhist: I'm not coming from Islam, but for sure a religion with prescribed times to pray throughout the day :) I always found that praying regularly kept me conscious of my intention throughout the day. I'll at the very least be looking into the prayer you mentioned if not adopting it to avoid overwhelming myself right out of the gate. Thank you :D

In His Love: Thank you, and thank you as well for sharing your book review :) As someone with a bit of a 'book' problem I'm never one to pass up the opportunity to find something interesting to read :)
A book problem is a good problem to have, as long as the content is good! :)

I posted some places to find free e-books and audiobooks here:


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