Can anyone leave a parish with a Consecrated Host
At my local NO parish there is a woman who is a regular attendee who was always aloud to leave the parish with a consecrated host, I presume for her husband at home.  Is this practice permissible?  Is there anything in the Church documentation I could bring forward to stop it if it is wrong?
It is allowed but not encouraged. The proper method is to have a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion who is trained to visit the sick and Homebound of their Parish, take the Holy Eucharist to the person and perform the proper prayers prior to communion. These people are Commissioned by the local Bishop.

There is much abuse and over-tolerance of bending the rules these days and that is sad.
They definitely should not do this without talking to the priest about it first, but since this happens frequently I'm sure the person has made arrangements for what she is doing.  The Sacrament should never be carried just in a hand or a purse though.  Communion outside of the church building should be carried in a pyx.
My wife gave birth to our second sonon 21 December. She was unable to attend Christmas Mass. I was an EMHC at the time (May God forgive me!), and I took Holy Communion to her at home. However, as CP said, it should always be carried in an appropriate container. I carried Our Lord in a gold pyx suspended by a ribbon around my neck.
There was an incident reported during the time of the the Communist era in the Soviet Union when there was a group of deportees in Siberia. This was before the time of Vatican II.  A group went to mass but the mother mother of one woman was too ill to attend. The priest who said mass for the group allowed the women to take a consecrated host home with her to give it to her mother.
Back when I used to think I was going to get married and have kids, I used to think about what I would do if I was every in a Latin parish and the priest refused to give communion to my kids.  I definitely would have taken the host and communed my kids - maybe even at the pew just to scandalize the people around me, HA!

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