How old are the Angels?
Peter Kreeft (a renowned expert on St. Thomas Aquinas) gives a pretty good answer in his book "Angels & Demons". I also struggled with Mary of Agreda's account of the fall of the angels and St. Augustine's view of heaven before I had read Dr. Kreefts explanation.  


Are angels eternal?

No. Only God is eternal. "Eternal" means (1) having no beginning and no end, and (2) having no past and no future. All reality is present to God at once. Angels are unlike God in these two ways:

1. Although angels will have no ending, they had a beginning. They were created.

2. They also are in spiritual time. They exercise one act of knowing or willing after another. But this purely spiritual time is not a space-time-continuum, like material time. Its before-and-after is a series of quantum leaps, like strobe lights.

Did angels begin when matter began, then, some twelve to eighteen billion years ago in the Big Bang? I think not. Their time is not the time of the material universe. They are not in physical time any more than they are in physical space, as matter is. They have to enter into this world from without. We cannot use the standards of time from the material universe – either the revolutions of the "heavenly" bodies or the constant spieed of light – to measure how old angels are. Material time is a function of matter, is relative to matter. It does not exist before matter exists. Newton was wrong: these is no absolute and infinite time and space. Einstein is right: time and space are relative to matter in motion. They are generated by the motion of matter, somewhat as head or scent is generated by an animal as it runs.

Medival philosophers coined the word "aeviternity" for angel time. It is between eternity and time. Unlike eternity, it has a beginning and a before and after; but unlike the time of material creatures, it is not measured by matter or space, and it has no ending.

Because they are not in our kind of time continuum, angels do not get older, or wiser, or stupider, or worse. At the moment of their creation they choose for or against God forever. (…)
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