Theologians should be 'faithful and anchored' to the teachings of the Second Vatican
Regarding the 'stripping' of Churches, I lived through it. Some Churches survived reasonably unscathed for a decade or two. In the early 1980s, the Parish Church I attended still had its High Altar with the Tabernacle, with a V II 'Table' in front of it. We had side altars dedicated to the BVM and St Joseph. When we got married, 35 years ago today, we took a rose to Our Blessed Mother and laid it on her Altar. We had beautiful statues and votive candle stands in front of them.

Then, our diocesan Pastor was sent to Rome to study, and the Parish was given into the cure of the Capuchins, fully 'reformed in the Spirit of Vatican II'. Within a couple of years, the Altars had been removed, the Tabernacle had been moved into a side chapel, the statues with their votive candles had disappeared, and what had been a beautiful Catholic sanctuary had become a bare protestant 'worship space'. One or two 'modern art' statues had replaced the 'Catholic' ones, and some of us asked the Pastor if we could have the votive candle stands back. He told us it was forbidden by the fire code. He was proven a liar a few months later, when our Daughter Parish opened its Church, complete with votive candles!

Of course,this was the same Pastor, a hale and hearty middle aged man who regularly played handball, that had the 'Presider's Chair' (it looked like a Papal Throne!) placed behind the new 'Altar', and regularly sat on his 'throne' whilst only lay people distributed Holy Communion!
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