Quote: I thought his name was Alan Funt?  [Image: shrug.gif]
Way back when, the show was originally hosted by Allen Funt, but in the 90's his son Peter took over as the new host.
To all you hot tea drinking blokes I would like to remind you of the Council of Constipational in the year 333 which gave seminarians the authority to excommunicate anyone who doesn't agree with us completely and totally.  Beware, the right hand (and left for that matter) are about to exercise judgment.
P.S.  Vox, as soon as our side wins, lock the thread
[Image: is?706591701132]Chai is my favorite hot tea, but I do not like the mixes because they are too sweet. I also drink coffee, my favorite is Kona, but a French vanilla cappuccino will do nicely, anytime.
Ice tea is wonderful in the summer, especially the flavored teas. Tall glass with tons of ice and a slice of lemon. Don't forget the straw.
Instant tea, like instant coffee, should be banned from the face of the earth. What's next? Instant beer? Tsk, tsk.
S.A.G. ~ Kathy ~ Sanguine-choleric. Have fun...or else.

Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
I've been drinking lots of hot tea with milk and honey for the last five days, as I've been battling a nasty cold. Yes, it's still 40C out, but we have air conditioning - which isn't helping my dry cough. I turned the AC off yesterday so I could breathe the humid air, but it was just too hot.  I guess I'll have to suffer one way or another. LOL
I can't stand iced tea - sorry. I like coffee in all forms, though. Except for Greek coffee - man that stuff is STRONG!!
Hot tea is yucky. Long live sweet, iced tea!!! Bojangles (a chicken resturant) says that "making sweet tea is an artform."
Down with Iced Tea!
Hot tea is *definitely* better. I think this thread has overwhelmingly confirmed that. We can declare victory now, Pinoy!
being english, and as we have a tradition of tea drinking, i must say that hot tea is much better!!
Any Mate, or Yerba Mate drinkers out there?  Tis bee-a-yoo-tee-ful stuff.
I like hot tea, but I usually have iced tea a heck of lot more. In the end, I guess they're both equally good (tea socialism?)

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