Why Music Matters
Excellent audio on recent bomb of Pope Francis to change Catholic Doctrine, to change the Catechism to abolish capital punishment (the death penalty). Weird to do, as the Pope cannot change Catholic doctrine.But should we even listen to any criticism of the Pope? Surely anyone who thinks that the Pope could be wrong must be wrong, right? Please listen to the hour long audio,anyways. Satan always sends up a smoke screen of confusion to get people to not listen to Truth. https://novusordowatch.org/2018/08/franc...pisode-36/

Do we just ignore it? Do we pick and choose what we believe? Must we believe and obey the Catechism, which elucidates Revelation? Or is supposed to. Is anything of the Divine, anymore, or simply the reasonings of ordinary men, making stuff up? Have people really changed so much in their nature and characters that Truth has now changed? What is humanism, liberalism, progressivism? What is modernism? What is True Faith, True Church, Divine Revelation? Was Jesus Christ God (and just what is that?) or just another guru?

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