Post Your Favorite Painting Of The Annunciation
I'm leaning toward the top picture
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The new one at the top of the FE page on Lady Day:

(BTW, I've been switching up art, fiddling with tables, and tweaking the HECK out of FE this past week. Things look pretty different...)
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Great. Now I just remembered that it's the Solemnity of the Annunciation today and already recited Lauds, Terce, and Sext...oh well.

Here's a few I like. I love Russian Orthodox icons, so the first one is an icon that I actually have and also my favorite image of Our Lady.[Image: 661f9e1103c747357ed4d0c853f8ffd1.jpg][Image: fd8903752b1b508095b767fe81d08988.jpg][Image: d92a63906b5d09bc3d484f00ffe9e7cd.jpg]
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Ohhh, I love that last one!
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[Image: ad92ffb85625be22f1a69688b4dba00e.jpg]
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[Image: 220px-Annunciation_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg]
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